Xenium Basic Duo-back Office Chair – Office Chairs For High Seating Comfort

At the office chair of the Xenium Basic Duo-back man must reach back to the duo’s back, with a relief of the back of up to 50%, according to reports from universities, professors and doctors. A lighter and more comfortable seating is not possible at the present time and therefore you should at 80.000 Office hours numbers rising, do not wait until your back hurts! Office chairs the firm Grahl are very high quality and satisfy the whole. The technical data of the office chair Grahl Xenium Duo Back Basic, which has been developed by the way, the designer wrought Ballendat, the endeavor was to be the apparent contradiction between design, architecture and ergonomics to dissolve. It put an absolutely friendly and r├╝ckenschondender holds the chair has become an incredibly flexible. * Office chairs Grahl Model: Office Chair Back xenium Duo * synchronous technology with 1:1.8 with Ergolast suspended duo back back height of 47 cm in vibrating element Upholstery * Seat depth adjustment *Depth spring * D * 2-star base black plastic swivel height adjustable armrests with Soft Pad mat * Hard castors for carpets / soft casters for hard floors * Easy switch of the pads under the technical data is always difficult to imagine something. The synchronous setting of 1: 1.8 mean to 1.8 times on the back of the seat moves, what is with this relationship is a very dynamic seats. The duo is back hung back with oscillating elements that are independent of each other support and gives an incredibly good feeling. The seat depth adjustment is easy to operate with one button. The backrest height can be operated centrally with two buttons on the back and the weight adjustment under the chair. The armrest comes with the seat back with u. can be additionally placed up or down. Optionally, the Viskoschaum in Stizfl├Ąche for a perfect sitting experience and subsequently a head restraint can be retrofitted. A great office chair forrelaxed good seats with a good price / performance ratio. Stefan Schuster


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