Auzun Uzen Canyon

Soon the road crosses a dry irrigation ditch, laid before the revolution coccosis residents for watering gardens, planted on the slopes of the valley. When the height of the beginning of rise to reach about a hundred yards, the trail will lead to a small clearing. In the back part of its recently grown widely tossing the branches of a huge oak tree – "Postal oak. He was notable not for its size (such trees are not uncommon in the Crimean forests), he was one feature because of which he was known in many parts of our country. This tree, for a long time tradition, serves as a mailbox for the tourists visiting the canyon. They left in the hollow letters to those who came here after them.

And so from year to year. The letters – from the wonderful experiences of the Crimean nature, appeals to protect behold beauty, good advice and even poems on oak. Now, "the Post Oak" there remained only a charred bottom of the barrel. It is believed that the oak was destroyed by the spring of 1981 with a thunderbolt. From the meadow with oak are two paths: one down, the bed of the canyon, toward the river Auzun Uzen, another – on its starboard side.

Thus, pass along the trail to the bottom of the canyon. First, you must keep moving, gradually climbing up. Suddenly, in front of us a magical view of a giant canyon with steep walls up to 350 meters below, from the depths of the canyon, will be heard the noise of a mountain river, sweeping between the stones.