The Incubation

The reduced ventilation results in higher ammonia levels. Moreover bed wet when drying, tends to form a caso, what cause more discomfort still for the birds. The reutilizao of the bed for another lot is not recommended. 7. The HANDLING OF FIRST AGE 7,1 the QUALITY OF the PINTINHO the incubatrio must be considered as an industrial unit of transformation, and therefore its substance cousin (egg embrionado) it must be of the best quality, Is important to also remember that the incubatrio is a maternity (where the young chickens are born), therefore all well-taken care of it is little so that the hygiene if positively reflects in the final product quality, that starts with the origin breeding, thus young chickens must be deriving of suppliers with plants healthy (sanitarily and nutricionalmente), but does not consolidate all responsibility there. The creator also plays an important paper: supplying to an adjusted environment and a handling, it will practically go to assure that the quality of the young chicken will be kept to cheat an end item of superior quality, and the factors that indicate the good quality of the 01 young chicken of day are: Uniformity in the size, weight between 40-45 gram, good cicatrizao of umbigo, dry fuzz and fofa, good hidratao, absence of physical defects, low contamination of bacteria and fungos, free of Mg, Ms and 7,2 Salmonella the ARRIVAL OF the BIRDS the initial handling of the young chickens must have as objective to establish a healthful lot since the first day of life, in which growth reach the target of corporal weight standard of the ancestry, together with the uniformity target, in such a way that the welfare of the birds can all be kept during the process. The final performance and the yield of the creation will go to depend on the attention received for all on details, such as: health and handling of the matrices, cares with the incubation, excellent conditions of transport of the young chickens. .