Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialized area of surgery that involves the reconstruction of specific areas of the body damaged due to congenital defects, trauma, burns or even disease. Plastic surgery also includes aesthetic surgery, which consists of changing the appearance of a person through operations such as the facelift, liposuction, Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. The main difference between cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery is that people choose cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. It can enhance their original characteristics and therefore improve their self-esteem. Reconstructive plastic surgery performed to improve function or disfigurement severe that he hinders the ability of the person to lead a normal life. Another difference is that reconstructive plastic surgery is generally covered by insurance policies for health, while cosmetic surgery does not since it is a surgery elective. Most health insurance policies have their own distinctions between the reconstructive and plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty, eyelid operation, is generally considered a cosmetic surgery, but if the eyelid dropped as low as to affect vision a reconstructive surgery may be considered.

A major concern for most people who are considering plastic surgery is the amount of pain involved. The operation of plastic surgery itself does not imply any pain, because it is performed under local or general anesthesia, but the pain after surgery varies from person to person depending on the surgery in question. Some patients describe pain of plastic surgery then as a mild upset, while others have said that pain is much more intense. Doctors may administer medication to help relieve this discomfort until the pain subsides. Plastic surgery operations have become more sophisticated than ever, and now most of the body can be altered to produce the desired effect. You can have an operation of eyes or nose and go home in just a few hours. You can change the shape of their bodies with liposuction, which is the removal of fat, or change the size of your breasts with the increase and be back at work within a week.

Both men and women can benefit from plastic surgery, either aesthetic or reconstructive. Many men now choose by pectoral, implants, liposuction or facial surgery to improve your overall appearance and social trust. As fashions changed, surgeons found that patients request different types of surgery. It is not uncommon that a surgeon is doing the repair of the nose of a patient who wants to have his nose like their favorite Hollywood star. While reconstructive surgery helps victims of injury and malformations and cosmetic surgery helps someone who is not happy with their appearance, the plastic surgery has helped many people to live a full and happy life.


Gastric plication or gastric band? Bariatric Surgery has become the most effective way to treat patients with obesity or overweight, who do not respond to traditional treatments and present serious health problems by being overweight. Without hesitation Dr. John Mcdougall explained all about the problem. There are different techniques that can be used, each of them adapts to different types of patients. Not all obesity surgeries are equal, since some methods require a greater commitment of the patient to give positive results, while others are more flexible. Some techniques, such as band or gastric plication, are reversible and can give good results with low-risk, besides that they are suitable for patients with lower BMIS. ing%20Growth%20Fund’>Charles Brandes. These two surgeries are recommended for patients with a BMI between 35 and 45 who have not had good results with conventional treatments. The adjustable gastric band is fast positioning and can easily be removed. It’s the insertion via laparoscopic a band around a portion of the stomach to It is inflated with saline.

Allows a moderate weight loss, even a little slow at the beginning, if compared to other obesity surgeries. Since it is a purely restrictive method, the patient must make changes in their eating habits to succeed with this surgery, so not all adapt to it. On the other hand, the gastric plication holds some advantages with respect to the gastric band. This technique is not placed any device within the body. What I do is perform a tube in the stomach, suturing in two planes the greater curvature of the stomach, no cuts, no staples that could increase the risk of surgery and not need to put foreign bodies that may be rejected by the body. To obtain results similar to the gastric sleeve plication allows loss of greater weight and less time compared with the gastric band. In addition, possible risks are reduced significantly by the characteristics of the surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

On many occasions, women are not compliant with one or several parts of your body, for example, the buttocks, sometimes are flabby, very fallen or little bulky. While the above situations can be alleviated with lifting and toning exercises, the results are seen after a long time conducting constant exercises. No doubt size will increase but won’t be exuberant, since we must not forget that the body shape depends on genetics. Faced with this situation, many women, and also men, opt for surgery of buttock augmentation, which consists of making an incision between buttocks to implant silicone, similar to those used in breast augmentation, but more resistant. These implants also can be filled with saline or hydrogel, however, the most widely used are those of silicone, since they are much more natural to the touch and have better consistency than the other materials. Some important points of plastic surgery surgery (of buttock augmentation is: 1) is performed under local or general anesthesia. (2) Its duration is of approximately between 1 and 2 hours. (3) Their results are immediate and can be seen from the first moment.

(4) The natural form is noticeable when the skin adapts to the implant. (5) The first few days the area is sensitive, inflamed and can even be accumulations of blood under the skin, but everything is gone within days. Does butt augmentation surgery hurt? Yes. The first three or four days you feel pain, but decreases with the medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Postoperative care 1) avoids smoking, ingesting painkillers or anti-inflammatory they are not prescribed by the plastic surgeon.

(2) After you have removed the points and after 10 days you can return to your daily activities. An essential point in all plastic surgery is to let your health in hands of professional plastic surgeons that can not only give you a buttock augmentation, but offer you comprehensive medical care to preserve your health and your life.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

The gastric bypass procedure, is the oldest procedure of its type. It carried out since 1966 and is the only operation that has been doing more than 40 years due to its effective results. On the basis of the gastric bypass, is compared to the rest, and you should know that during the last decade, has been reset certain details that have become the favorite operation by millions of people. Gastric bypass is achieved by restricting the amount of food that the patient tends to consume, and that adds a component of bad-absorption, that manages the patient to achieve results in a much faster way of the imagined. You must know that this operation shows very low rates of reoperations for failures or long-term, in addition to very rarely it gives rise to unwanted side effects. With the gastric bypass patient manages to lose 65 to 75% of overweight and is scientifically proven that this operation is virtually impossible to sabotage. With gastric bypass you will be able only eat any type of food that will automatically do it in smaller portions. You decide to improve your health and your appearance with the gastric bypass!. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator Elizabeth Warren and gain more knowledge..