The hormones involved in sperm production are the luteinizing (which activates the secretion of testosterone) and FSH. The latter, artificially administered with a steroid, inhibits gamete production. But man, this can temporarily prevent fertility is more complicated than in women because sperm production is continuous, without being subject to periods or cycles. Some studies showing a very high effectiveness, although not yet have final numbers. Some say that in most cases do not reach the a-zoospermia, ie the total absence of sperm, which can fail contraception.

Moreover, this method is less comfortable than the "pill" feminine, because its presentation is injected, and in some cases men resist puncture pain and possible eczema. Also called prophylactic or condom condom or "rubber bands", have increased their level of acceptance and use after having verified that help prevent transmission of HIV (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases. They are placed over the penis during intercourse, and are made of latex, although testing the polyurethane condom manufacturing, as it is thinner and allows for greater sensitivity. At the same time, has greater resistance and therefore greater security. It is also very convenient for people allergic to latex. The effectiveness of condoms is very high compared with other methods, provided that there are some good use measures: check the expiration date or expiration do not use two condoms overlapping and that increases the chance of breakage no exposing them to a heat source Do not mix with petroleum based lubricants such as Vaseline use from the beginning to the end of the relationship, one from each sex take care that no air in the upper reservoir of out with caution so as not to spill semen. Some of the advantages of condoms have nothing to do with its effectiveness, but become a common method of choice: are acquired easily and cheaply in pharmacies and markets, are easy to use and require no prescription care. Its contraceptive effectiveness is enhanced when used in combination with spermicides, so some presentations of the market and containing such substances in the lubrication of the product.

Sterilization is a permanent surgical method, which in men is called vasectomy, an operation that interrupts the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. The role of orgasm and ejaculation are not disrupted, but no sperm in the semen. Many men fear that after vasectomy sexual potency is concerned, but the hormonal function remains intact. These operations do not decrease sexual pleasure, but rarely are reversible, so it must be decided very thoroughly. Article by

Mexican Surgeons

Many Mexican surgeons trained in the United States.UU. the schools of medicine, and even those who are not able to provide a high level of attention? n in a well-equipped hospital or cl? nica. Do Adem? s, you could? choose (and pay for) an excellent attention? n later. If you prefer to stay in the Center or a hotel, you can have a nurse on duty at a price much m? s accessible than pay? in the United States.UU. Do do do do do think of it,? cu? l prefer? ACE: be cared for feet and hands at his hotel in M? xico, or sitting at home in the sof? again in the United States.UU. only? Do in any way, the recovery? n can be dif? cil, but You can choose to make it m? s nice.

3 Place former? tico. Like many people go on vacation at the same time, since they have your treatment. Do do do do do do depending on your procedure and recovery time? n, can choose to spend a week retrieve? ndose after? s from the us? and after? s a week sunbathing in a station? n local. Do do do do do thats a raz? n by the surgery? PL? stretch in Guadalajara, the capital of the State of Jalisco, is so popular: is a fant? stico destination tur? plastic with many museums, galer? as and cultural events, as? do as that is located near a number of other places of inter? s hist? rico. Do do of course, the m thing? s important to consider when making decisions about the surgery? PL? feature is his health. Do do do do do do do said, no raz? n to think that you can not find the m? s high quality of attention? health in M n? xico, and adem? s duty? to consider the surgery? PL? feature. And maybe even take a vacation at the same time! Did do surgery? EST? tica in Guadalajara

Protect Yourself Surgery

Are you interested in subjecting you to cosmetic surgery? If you are not, you can tell what specific procedure which you would like to experiment.However, it is possible that you’ve not yet had the opportunity to choose a cosmetic surgeon or cosmetic surgery Center. If that is the case, you will have to proceed with caution, since you will want to protect themselves. To begin with, it is important to know that cosmetic surgery has risks and dangers.For this reason you will have to protect themselves.While can you automatically think of your health, there are other aspects of yourself that you want to protect as well. As stated above, you want to protect your health when you’re undergoing cosmetic surgery.Although it is not always common, complications during surgery can arise.Unfortunately, some of the complications can lead to death. In addition, staph skin infections can be common after surgery.For this reason, you will want to make sure that you choose a well-known cosmetic surgeon or a centre with a good reputation.This will help you make sure that your health is protected, as well as practice and surgical instruments are clean. In line with the protection of your health, it is also important to study the care after surgery.Unfortunately, this is something that many patients do not take into account until it is too late.Do not make this lack.You will be able to follow all the instructions after surgery you have given?If you are not able, yourself can end up causing an infection of the skin or other similar complications.Therefore, you must be sure that you can handle the recovery process, no matter how short or long term, before going with the procedure. In addition to protecting your health, it is also necessary to protect your appearance.