Rattlesnake Autonomic

Digan lo que digan Rajoy, Aznar and company, and think what think many espanolitos a foot, nobody is going to put Bell the cat of the autonomous communities, since it’s a feline surly and untamed, capable of nailing nails to the painted. The first to oppose that touch a single iota of their powers are called regional barons, i.e. the regional barons, are the party that may be. We have already seen the rapid response in that sense of the Galician Nunez Feijoo, who isn’t exactly from the more belligerent in this matter. Guilt or reason, depending how you look of growing regional regional sentiment is twofold. On the one hand, while the central State is dedicated to gnashing us taxes, the autonomous communities, the way a Mother Teresa of Calcutta, are that so richly spent that money on our alleged benefit. For even more analysis, hear from TreeOf Life. On the other hand, the creation of more and more different standards from one community to another from licensing of hunting to the ITV of cars, from school curricula up to health benefits promote social consciousness that there are 17 national realities instead of a single. hal).

The truth is that the invention autonomic coffee for everyone as named in his day Adolfo Suarez attempted to precisely the opposite: encircled the nationalist sentiment of the so-called historic communities, as the Basque and Catalan, equating them to other artificial creation, as you can be that of Castilla y Leon, for example. Hence the paradox occurred: instead of lowering them fumes the first, allowing me the metaphor, gave wings to the latter, bringing their level of particularism so far as chop even competition on river basins. In his zeal of converts, new nationalists now explain a geography and a history of own and different in each region and to strengthen a reality differentiated his neighbor’s membership have a ruinous public television, used exclusively as tools of political propaganda. They already see if it is or not difficult to straighten things out. In case outside little, the economic crisis and the inability of Europe to give a collective response encourage the save each one as you can: from the split between Flemish and Walloon in Belgium without a Government until the secessionist skirmishes of Scotland or the Northern League in Italy. That said, because: who is the handsome who dares put footstool on the self-determination? Original author and source of the article.

Effective Solutions

Results of a recent survey among doctors on coliquio Konstanz, July 2010 the current inadequate medical care in rural areas and possible solutions were subject of a recent survey on the now 28,000 members strong doctors expert platform. With 26%, the surveyed doctors hold financial incentives for colleagues who settle in structurally weak regions for the most promising measure. Specifically, higher fees from sides of funds (14%) as well as a possible acquisition of practice rent and allocation are called by interest-free loans and by the Lander and municipalities (12%). Compared to 8% still proposed initial funding through scholarships, these measures offer the advantage of a constant support according to the doctors. Therefore, you consider also consistently higher costs incurred at work in structurally weak regions. This caused E.g. by increased travel costs due to longer routes and greater responsibilities and professional opportunities restricted by often for the spouse. More interesting proposals were among other things a time off in lieu for the average load by emergency services in rural areas (9%), medical stations with a rotation system for doctors of different disciplines (8%) and the exemption of medicines compensation schemes (6%), to avoid disadvantages due to the unfavourable structure of the patient in such areas.

The complete survey as well as parallel debate, see the evaluation of the coliquio Meditorial. Coliquio: Coliquio is one of the most active networks of expert doctors in Europe and has over 28,000 members. coliquio is free and independent and stands for the targeted and quick exchange of individual, medical knowledge. Every day thousands of doctors in contributions share their experiences, observations and insights from the trenches of medical and jointly seek solutions to exceptional and difficult cases. The knowledge existing in the coliquio community, distributed to over 28,000 members is concentrated on the platform, visible and thus usable made. Thus arises a cutting-edge knowledge.

Increases quality and patient safety in health care. Exchange of experience is supported by medical articles, media, and an overview of all German-speaking guidelines which coliquio put together by means of intelligent search algorithms from the Internet.

Federal Court

To compensate for this liability the payer receives a recourse, and through the legal assignment, which is regulated in 1607 par. 2 S. 2 BGB. The maintenance claim of against his primarily liable parent child passes to the liable relatives, who then the claim may prevail on the parent. 1 BGB is the right tracking difficulties of 1607, par. 2 S. for example, that is the primary Unterhaltsverpflichtete unknown stay (p/brother Muller, BGB, 72nd Edition 2013, 1607, para. 12).

Right tracking difficulties exist but even then, if the performance of the primary debtor based on the basis of fictitious income, because the child has a maintenance title, no satisfaction can find but in the context of enforcement, if the income is not enough. The bar maintenance claim of the children would be so even then still not met. As in the case of section 1607, paragraph 2 S. 1 BGB the priority Unterhaltsverpflichtete actually owes the bar maintenance, but the prosecution and enforcement of the claim is not possible, entitlement money com. passes section 1607 para 2 BGB on the actually performing law p. 1.

Would have to be discussed so my opinion whether the grandfather in part of the replacement liability according to 1607 par. 2 S. 1 BGB can be used to pay maintenance to his grandchildren. This would have can be referenced p. 2 BGB the recourse of section 1607, paragraph 2. After the decision of the Senate, the risk of the enforceability of maintenance of children against the child’s mother on the minor children will be relocated. According to the jurisprudence of the Federal Court (judgment of July 30, 2008, FamRZ 2008, 2104 = XII ZR 126/06) and some courts of appeal (only see OLG Cologne, decision by the 14.03.2011, II-14 WF 20/11, quoted by juris) but an adult child must submit anything to fictitious income of the parent and also not fictitious revenue a parent point to itself. To secure conclusion In regard to the purpose of the provision of the civil code 1607, child support (p/brother Muller, BGB, 72nd Edition 2013 1607, para. 2), the result of the Senate is questionable, particularly in the proceedings on the grant of legal aid, since contested Legal issues in the main proceedings are to be clarified.

The Destination

If we want to be owners, not we would be forced to buy a flat, sell it, cancel mortgage, open a new mortgage in the destination city for the purchase of the new House, return to decorate it, buy new furniture or No.1 old and back to start. Imagine how expensive and problematic of this. Hear from experts in the field like James A. Levine, M.D. for a more varied view. With a mobile home, would only have to disassemble it and transladarla. It’s that simple, as we have said is not suitable for vacations, but for this scenario. Now, there are people who prefer to avoid this hassle living rentals.

But you know, the rent is an empty money not reported anything to our capital. When termineis your route around the country have spent a large sum of money and you will have empty hands. With the option of the mobile homes, you’ve spent the same amount of money, but with the notable difference of owning a property that you can always sell to retrieve you. We will add one more advantage, of the many that there is by owning a mobile home, and the time of construction. We know many people who have bought a House on plane while vivian of rent, construction has been delayed and have finished paying at the same time the apartment more the mortgage on the new property without the possibility of moving floor there. We also know many cases to buy a House and block construction midway due to lack of funds, by crisis or thousand reasons more. Can be lengthened up to years ending your House recently purchased, so that is certainly an advantage a mobile home construction time. We know the exact term and we can play with our mortgages and rents knowing that exact day we will do the move, without us being hung or trapped by a little honest constructor.

New Gastronomic Secret Ibiza

Mischa the former owner of the restaurant ‘Goya’ in Eivissa, and one of the best representatives of excellent cuisine on Ibiza, ‘ is back ‘. The restaurant is small, has lots of charm and is above the Aqua Blanca”behind Sant Carles de Peralta”hidden located, allowing a great sea views from the terrace. The perfect location for a perfect evening. Mischa literally offers an imaginative fireworks as a surprise menu every day. Assurant Health understood the implications. “” Yet, whether it the homemade Foix grass “is or the even inserted Bouquerones”, which in several variations of starter hide, you will not know before and that is not only exciting, but always a new experience for the palate.

Crowned is the menu a selection of several main courses that the guest literally flicking with your tongue”leave and benefited by the dessert. The price for the complete menu moves per person between 25 and 28 euro of exclusive drinks. A truly fair price for a candlelight dinner successful in every respect. For more information see James A. Levine, M.D.. An exclusive Insider tip”would be but no longer exclusively, if anyone at anytime could access. Per night for up to 20 people but only cooks to not water down its cuisine quality’ Mischa. So the timely registration is required, you want to not the other guests from outside when her epicurean bustle. “” “Reservations: (0034) 971 33 51 52 Sunday evening is closed on directions: from Sant Carles (San Carlos), take direction Cala Sant Vicent”, just after the turn-off to the Aqua Blanca “it goes left from the main road to Hacienda Encanto del Rio”..

Parsley – Seasoning Or Medicinal Plants

Petroselinum crispum (Mill) A. Hill (P. sativum Hoffm. P. hortense auct.) – Parsley Ogorodnaya Sam. Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) – Umbrella Description.

Biennial herb with fusiform, white, fleshy root, in the first year develop: basal rosette, the leaves on long petioles, thrice pinnatisect, ovate, wedge-shaped, small leaves, for the second year develops floriferous stems up to 50 (70) cm, erect, stout, glabrous, furrowed, branched, stem leaves petiolate, prevailing torque. Flowers in umbels of 8-20 complex main beams. Petals 5, yellow-green. The fruit is round-ovoid, grayish-green with prominent ribs filiform, divided into two halves. It flowers from July to August. Distribution. Grown in gardens throughout the country as a seasoning and a vegetable. The ancient cultural plant unclarified origin (probably from South-Eastern Europe or Western Asia).

Cultivated throughout Europe and naturalized. Raw materials. Fruit (Fructus Petroselini) and roots (Radix Petroselini). Content. In all parts of plants, especially many in the fruit, contains essential oil (2 – 7%), and a rich apiolom myristicin. In addition, in the roots, as well as in plodnikah, and in the green part Plants containing flavonoids (apiin, graveobiotsid A). The main action. Diuretic, antispasmodic. Experimental and clinical data. All of the parsley garden has a diuretic effect, due to the presence of essential oils and flavonoids. It is established that due to quantitative differences in the distribution of these components in different parts of the parsley, much more strongly diuretic fruit than the roots. The diuretic effect of essential oil of parsley is the result of direct effects on renal tubules. Spasmolytic effect of parsley is determined primarily by the action of flavonoids contained in it. In acute experiments on cats found that water, ethanol and methanol extracts of parsley cause a significant reduction in blood pressure. High doses of essential oil and alcoholic extract of seeds affects central nervous system, causing mild dizziness. These doses irritate the kidneys and digestive tract and, furthermore, may cause uterine bleeding and miscarriage. Contained in the essential oil of parsley at a dilution of 1:100 myristicin 000, entered the guinea pig, causes severe contraction of the uterus and improves its tone. In experiments calling abortion parsley seeds described many fatal poisonings. Aqueous extracts containing very small amount of essential oil, do not constitute a significant risk. According to studies, parsley juice, applied to people, 77% of cases clearly increases the acidity of gastric juice and enhances the motility of the stomach wall. Method of application. Half a teaspoon of crushed plodnikov insist in a glass of water for 8 hours (daily dose) can be cooked and hot infusion – 4 teaspoons minced root pour 1 / 4 boiling water, strain after 15 minutes – The dose for two days. Most often, roots and seeds of parsley is prescribed in combination with other herbs, such as Herba Equiseti, Folia Betulae, Herba Polygoni aviculare, Radix Ononidis. Fruit and parsley roots are contained in various mixtures of combined diuretic (eg Hydrocorin) or preparations (for example, Nephrisan). – Medicinal Plants

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a diet established with many followers plan, but is the right choice for you? This article will explore the basics of the diet plan of the watchmen of the weight, its history and the current options, so that you can determine if it is good to their own weight loss goals. Jean Nidetch founded Weight Watchers in 1963. She was interested in the combination of groups of good nutrition, exercise and support for an effective weight loss plan. That is precisely what he did and the company has grown to become an international weight loss power. The plan is not free of charge and participants pay a weekly or monthly fee for the entire plan, weekly meetings and full online access. You can buy the parts of the online version, if desired. Plans change from time to time to keep abreast with new developments in the science of weight loss. Therefore, the diet is good, but it costs money to register.

The diet itself is a low fat diet that focuses on the nutritious and balanced meals. It puts emphasis on the planning of each food consumption, ensures the formation of good habits which is a key factor in successful weight loss. Many times, people eat unhealthy foods on the road, without thinking, and if this type of power is one of its problems, this plan may be perfect for you. The permitted food includes lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and eggs. Stands out the portion control and there is a point system that allows occasional treats. There are many recipes that are shared online and in the meetings so it is a diet that is highly customizable to your tastes and particular preferences. If you like variety, this is a good diet to choose. The original plan included weekly support group meetings and this is still an option.

Some versions of the plan do not require attendance at meetings. However, you should remember that show and weigh yourself in public is a great motivator who has helped generations of people who do diet to lose the weight that they want and not recover it. There are even vigilant diet plans for weight available for men and women who are too busy to attend meetings online. Exercise is recommended, but not required, through a points system that increases the amount of permissible food when specific activities have been made. It is well known that the combination of diet and exercise is an excellent way to lose weight, so this is another great advantage of the plan. There is a plan of maintenance diet recommended for those who have reached your weight loss goal. The plan allows more food, but starts a monitoring system to ensure that the weight remains controlled. This feature is a great way to maintain eating healthy at the forefront of his mind so that as soon as you begin to increase even a little weight, you can change the regular diet plan and quickly return to your ideal weight once more. Therefore, the best part of because diet weight watchers is adequate and effective is that it is a diet low in fat and built in support system. The disadvantage is the cost. But, if you want a wide variety of tasty foods and plan long-term with a lot of support, it is likely that your success with the weight watchers diet plan. If you are looking for more tips, this no doubt you will be very useful, visit: how to lose Kilos for the idle.

Hair Loss

In a European study, subjects who took Acomplia lost ten pounds compared with only 8 in a control group who received a placebo, or dummy pill. This was a study of a year that included 1,500 people, all of which had a weight to lose. This pill manufacturers are expected to have a positive effect on weight loss. They and the researchers were surprised to discover that there was another advantage also. This diet pill proven to be effective in reducing bad cholesterol (triglycerides) by 7%, and more importantly, good cholesterol (HDL) increased by 27%. This means that this pill, regardless of its benefits to lose weight, is also an effective means of improving your cholesterol profile and reduce your risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Some of these changes in cholesterol levels may have been due to the fact that Acomplia is facilitate the loss of weight, and weight loss usually does not improve a cholesterol profile. However, it seems as if you would do it even if there is no substantial weight loss is maintained.

Curiously, this pill is also effective for other addictive behaviors, such as smoking. Not sure why as far as we know, its physical effects are limited to the Elimination of hunger reduction. It seems that there may be relationship between these two behaviors of compulsive overeating and smoking, but precisely what that link is open to speculation in Acomplia present still isn’t available to the pubic bone, but it will be next year. Ask your doctor if you think that it would be of benefit to you, and do some research on the Internet. So far, it looks very promising, and the side effects are virtually non-existent. Time will tell, however, if unsure about this product appear even is in the stages of clinical trials. The decision to rely entirely on one pill for weight loss is usually one wrong. Essentially, you have to do the work you need to change your way of eating and exercising and there is no real substitute for it. Having said that, however, it seems as if this pill is an effective tool that you can use to help you on your way. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Peter M. Wayne offers on the topic.. Ask your doctor about Acomplia, especially if their cholesterol profile could use a little improvement!

Nutrition Chaos

Thus the questionable cocktail of ingredients the chronically doomed will not continue suffering! Trier / Leipzig book fair 2010. It has long been foreseeable for Germany that maintaining its social achievements – than ever before – will depend on more efficient workers. That the health of future generations, it must play a major role, is now undisputed. But, now lacks elementarstem knowledge, and although a long knowledge of experience confirms the direct link between chronic disease and the dietary overloading of our metabolic organs, are subject to these findings – in our scientifically-oriented society – only low esteem. The consequences of this disregard are fatal for those affected.

Hardly, they find enlightenment that are their already congested metabolic organs not at all capable of, the daily flood resulting also from the chaos of our nutrition Ingredients carefully to catch up – by educating people to make a long-term sustainable food not to mention. Ideal for the early education and deposit sickening residues in the body. The nature of our body chemistry and the composition of sufficient existing digestive juices – with their essential enzymes and hormones – inextricably associated depends decisively the selection and preparation of our daily food. Those with the typical chronic for our time suffering (metabolic diseases) therefore cannot come to relieve their nutrition-related overextended metabolic organs! Simple classic among food suitable for this purpose: as for example eggs, butter, cream, and flour (except for proven already threatening reactions to gluten, flour, egg); Nothing in the way; there is also moderate meat consumption for a friendly preparation However, make fruit sugar, fruit acids and Vitamins of ill-conceived import fruits like also ungegarte vegetables high demands on the metabolic organs, and the help then, for example, with excess and actually subject to elimination vitamin C no longer sufficiently above the kidney can be disposed of! Combat of the food industry sales – approximately 170,000 products now accuses the German food industry – as well as the variety of alternative diets have for the (uninformed) consumer a no longer transparent food mess.