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Already these tired of you callers chubby who?, what you is not the clothes in stores?, what not can go to the pool and use that swimsuit that you like so much? There are millions of situations in which overweight or obesity, not leave you be all happy. Many times no nothing more influence in your spiritual happiness and your personality, if not affecting your state of health being complicit in some deadly diseases. It is why, thinking of you, the best solution for slimming all those pounds that you have more ES with a safe and definitive operation. The solution to forget about being overweight or obesity, is practicing you the Gastric Bypass surgery. This surgery is the safest, because it helps you eat less, is staffed by experts in the field, and separate an eating plan that will make you feel better complements your recovery. Applied by an expert and with the required recovery Gastric Bypass surgery can bring many benefits for you being the best option to eliminate those extra pounds others than you they do feel insecure and subtract you mobility. Don’t think twice, think that there is more happiness with health.


Of all the dental treatments, implants are possibly one of the most interesting for patients with teeth in poor condition (or the absence of teeth), since they provide an aesthetic solution effective and definitive especially. Many people interested in implants come each week to the dental clinic of Gandia of the Dr. Paula Vidal, an expert in implantology and aesthetic in its dental clinic of Gandia. Many of your questions about implants tend to be the same, therefore here responds to the main doubts of patients. And if you want a complete information, you can read the 20 questions and answers about dental implants. On the age of the patients there is no age limit for implants.

We often undertake a review pre-implantes and a scanner to find out various elements such as the bone volume or a root fracture. The number of implants varies depending on the number of teeth that need to be replaced. In any case, a previous study of your oral health is necessary prior to placement of implants. On the day of the surgery typically put a temporary tooth fixed just after placement of the implant, with an aesthetic end. It is not systematic and depends on each case. With this, you can make practically normal life until the permanent teeth (usually at 2 or 3 months), are placed.

In the days following the intervention we recommend that patients eat soft foods for the first week. Load supported of provisional teeth depends of the initial situation (absence of a single tooth or several) and individual process of healing. It is not necessary to ask for a sick leave for the days following the intervention, even if it’s several implants. For the maintenance of the crowns of the implants, they need the same type of care as natural teeth. In addition to the daily brush we review the status of their implants in their annual reviews and inspections. On the other hand, a few spaces are especially intended to facilitate the use of dental floss. On the placement of the final fixed prosthesis the denture can be done in several stages and depends on each patient. You usually wait between 2 and 3 months (bone healing phase) after the placement of implants to put the definitive prosthesis, although sometimes it can be the same day of the intervention. Obviously not let you without tooth and will take a few fixed temporary teeth (screwed) during the entire phase of healing. A provisional prosthesis is used because the gums slightly change shape with healing.

Battleground Wounds

There are many health issues associated with war. On the second day in the morning the pilots of the Normandy accompanied Stormers 224 th Air Division. Covered up by French pilots of the IL-2 have successfully completed a combat mission, and returned without loss. Attempts to enemy fighters attacking stormtroopers time thwarted by French pilots. In afternoon pilots ‘Normandy’ was requested to cover the crossing. Eight crew headed by Captain Litolfom on the Yak-9 flew to the area of the village Durneva (in the south of the Kaluga region). Hardly ‘yaks’ appeared over subject to cover, as on the radio about the approach from the west of enemy aircraft.

Team-leading French pilots went to meet them, and boldly entered the fray. In the ensuing brief encounter Captain Litolf, Lieutenants Durand and Castelain shot down one aircraft Me-110. Others ‘Messers’ randomly bombed and left in a westerly direction, without causing any harm to our troops. National holiday of France (July 14, 1789 insurgent people captured the Bastille fortress) was marked by victories: one aircraft was shot down Major , Lieutenant Albert and Castelain. However, the French have a combat assignment did not return the pilot Jacques de Tedesco. What happened to him, no one knew.

July 16, 1943 Squadron ‘Normandy’ covered the front of the advancing troops. From the west was shown two enemy fighters ‘Focke-Wulf-190’. No sooner had the group Tyulyaev turn to the west, both show the 15 bombers, disguised fighters. First with two other pilots in the operation of enemy planes crashed into the captain Litolf. It was followed by three more ‘yak’. Captain de Forges occupied an advantageous position to attack the bombers from the bottom rear. Coming up in four Nazi fighters prevented it from opening fire, but for this one of them paid with his life. While six of ‘yak’ dealt with ‘Junkers’, tulle and Albert covered her from the attacks of enemy fighters FW-190. Dropping bombs, enemy bombers turned to the west. At this point, Lt. Leon saw the plane Litolfa and followed him fighter Castelain. Pursuing the ‘Junkers’, they were preparing for another attack. Unexpectedly on top of them attacked just came up to the battlefield Six ‘Fockers’. Leon rushed to the aid of his comrades and a compartment fire, trailing a pair of enemy planes. He knocked down a fascist and burned another.

Cycling For More Muscles

Cycling and spinning as an indoor alternative cycling is the trend when it comes to sports in the fresh air. Not only the sense of well-being is increased, but also the muscles. This certainly depends on what course you drive, so that it is no mere endurance training. Should the muscles built through sport or also just strengthened, driving at high speeds is required. These allow hard to move and require above all the Quadtriceps femoris – thigh extensor front”, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog. Can intensify the whole thing also be using large inclinations. For this, one must drive through a rather hilly landscape, so that you really can feel what effect ride high especially those which muscles does.

To rather a heart and cardiovascular training aimed at be lower gears and a straight line enough already completely”, explains Tobias Fendt. The gluteal muscles also can by cycling be trained. In this case it is only on the saddle settings: the lower the saddle is located also the gluteal muscles be strengthened even more. As regards the bike, so there are several types that are used for different purposes. To properly to exercise, no women’s cycling is desired, with which you easily through the city can drive, but not properly trained. A mountain bike or a road bike would be so appreciated. Moreover, it is also advisable, to the bicycle to operate a supplementary sport claimed the upper part of the body, because only the lower part of the body is trained by cycling”, Tobias Fendt advises. Spring is at the door and hence the best time to ride a bike.

The cold weather should constitute no obstacle, but and inhibit the desire out there for sports. For people who hate out there cycling, there is an indoor alternative: the cycling or spinning. This sport takes place in a room. While the pedal is in the Joined the rhythm of the music. Especially the kicking in larger groups is popular at all Alterrsschichten. Tobias Fendt has published more information about cycling on his blog. See… interested parties can subside as cycling affects the muscle.

The State Rurup Pension

An alternative form of private pension schemes by the Economist Bernd Rurup was State-subsidized pension developed and introduced in 2005 by the legislature.Based on a pension insurance contract it is the statutory pensions in tax treatment as well as the performance criteria here. However if the Rurup-rente, unlike pay-as-you-go statutory pensions, not to one but to a fully-funded form of pension insurance. Basic idea of the legislator is that the sum of savings is used exclusively for retirement. There is therefore some limitations. There are various categories of persons eligible for the conclusion of a Riester pensions not in question.

Well, there’s a way to save money for a private pension in the form of the Rurup pension tax favors for these groups of people, especially for freelancers. But also advisable workers and civil servants will benefit from the tax savings in addition to self-employed and freelancers. At It is not possible to use funded Riester pension or a company pension plan self-employed and freelancers. Since 2005 no longer tax as special editions deductible contributions to a traditional pension or life insurance. This however, contracts that have started before the individual 2005 this was until December 31, 2004, an insurance premium paid are excluded. Thus the contributions to the Rurup pension tax as special editions may be asserted stated, certain conditions in the insurance contract have to be. There are this and more information on their financial and insurance Portal!


Put forward a variety of hypotheses of their death. Existing civilization, quite probably as threatened with destruction. It proceeds, both outside and inside. The threat of the death of civilization from the outside is diverse and generally understood by mankind. The threat of the death of civilization from within, paradoxically, comes from civilization itself. From hasty, do not make informed decisions and actions of the rights. This is another confirmation that the human mind is of extraterrestrial origin. Leads people themselves as casual owners, not caring about their future and the future of their children and grandchildren.

Everything in it is directed to ensure that as much as possible take on the world around him at the lowest cost for its restoration. The living world, directly born on Earth, there is nothing for it but to defend themselves. Homo sapiens, no matter what, everything continues to greater intensity, litter, and poison the world, to make deep irreversible changes in its structure. From time to time on these activities around the world meet regional disasters. With the existing position of the future of human civilization and its surrounding natural world illusory. between a bloody showdown. The current situation on planet Earth is contrary to all laws that created the universe. Nothing without a trace does not occur.

Without fail, sooner or late follow equivalent response. Characteristically, they almost always hit the weakest, most unprotected places. Say the twenty-first Century of absolution delinquent, at least, not seriously. Based on the foregoing, the existing terrestrial civilization and especially its secular and spiritual leaders is essential to fundamentally change attitudes and approaches to the existing reality. First, every effort should be to create a balanced society earthlings. To this end, all taken in our world, laws, orders, decisions, etc. must strictly comply with laws that created and lived the whole universe. Secondly, the direction of maximum effort and resources to create a perfect harmony with the environment. In affirming the right of existence of the theory, described in this article may only be appropriate cloning the human physical body, followed by reinkornirovaniem in this body, based on nano technology, it is really reasonable fine field of genome According to him at conception. Amur region. G. Free BoGriK