Bariatric Surgery

When we are following a plan to lose weight and even more so after Bariatric Surgery, we expect results fast and secure. When this does not happen we tend to disappoint us and we can get out of the way. If we have already lost many kilos, it is normal that the decrease in weight is slower or even stops, when this happens there is to take some steps to reverse the situation. Plateau we call a period that can range from days to weeks in which they do not descend weight without apparent cause. The plateaus are normal in all weight reduction plans. They don’t always have to do with neglect of the person, but that sometimes they occur because of changes at the physical level (retention of liquids, constipation, prolonged rest) but on other occasions due to negative changes (conscious or not) have occurred in the diet.

If you have placed a gastric band or a gastric balloon, you should consult your doctor to check the reason for the stagnation. Perhaps the device to be reset to get back to the pace of descent usual. If, instead, you have done another type of operation or even there has been none you can find causes for your account before performing the corresponding query. Any change in diet, by at least that may seem, may affect the weight drop. The journal of meals what is happening is very important to know. If you have led him during this time it will not cost find where are the excesses or changes that produced the plateau. If you does not have a journal, empiecelo now. Once you found the reason for the problem, search for an effective solution.

Some causes that lead to the stagnation are increased portions to come very hungry (resolved by incorporating a healthy collation to arrive with less appetite to meals), replace the sugar refined by sweetener and avoid the pickings when cooking. If you can’t find the problem despite having revised power to conscience, check with your doctor. Crossing a plateau is not their fault, it is only one stage further in the decrease of weight and with the help of the specialists will not take to overcome it. Think positive and go forward, it is the only path to success.