By That We Eat For More

Emotions are like an alarm in our body that tells us something (to say it somehow), for example: fear enables us to protect us, anger helps us to put limits to others, the concern makes us look for possible solutions, and joy makes want to interact more with people. James A. Levine, M.D. oftentimes addresses this issue. These or other emotions are the cause of that eat more of what we need to spend the day. If we eat more and not to eliminate it, it accumulates until we grow fat. However, when those emotions make us a knot in the stomach, we can not eat and thinned. We have to learn to handle the tensions so that we do not overcharge and finish eating to appease emotions.If something goes wrong we apaciguamos our bad eating, and if we have to celebrate something also do eating.

The food tends to be an escape valve many times. We have to realise this, because many times is something automatic, when we know what we can control it and eat responsibly. It must put in place a plan to get be where we would like it to be. We have to strike a balance that will make our body balance and get the ideal weight. That Yes, the ideal weight is the weight with each which sits well. There are not two equal people, and is not the same be teen be an adult and having passed 50. Original author and source of the article