The people in your life have a lot of elements that enable the realization of the myriad tasks that must be performed in everyday life and in the absence of those elements are present big problems for the proper development of many functions. A clear example of this is when you have visual problems by certain aspects that are slowly deteriorating eyesight of people, which undoubtedly represent a major problem for various functions. One of the clearest signs of problems that can impair the function of the eyes are cataracts, which are a problem that affects the eye's lens, which is located between the iris and pupil, which has the effect of difficulties in as factors related to light and therefore the light of certain places, besides this also creates a poor visual activity in the approach of different objects in response to the near or distant location where you are what you want to see. Robert Greene has firm opinions on the matter. Little by little, the falls will worsen the view to a point in which reached a reversible blindness, may also be given an easy dazzled by different lights such as lamps or even sunlight and the passage of time alone will be shadows or stains. As you can understand the waterfalls may have serious repercussions for something as important as the light, so it must seek ways to help these problems are not present or stop. The perfect way to treat cataracts and avoid the consequences that occur with the progression of this problem is to carry out cataract surgery so that there will be an early, simple but effective for a problem of such serious consequences. The performance of cataract surgery is a procedure that should remove the part of the eye that had been applied in the case of cataract is the lens patient, through an intracapsular or extracapsular operation, of which is highly recommended the second option, since it is faster and has fewer complications, to extract part of the cataract this opaque and creates visual problems and the posterior capsule intraocular lens is placed, while with the other option must remove the entire lens with the capsule that surrounds it, which requires a greater number of procedures and possible complications. In cataract surgery, plays an important role in the intraocular lens which is a small artificial lens which is registered as a permanent replacement in the eye while performing cataract surgery. Therefore, this permanent lens acts as the medium that allows for different visual tasks, so eyesight must be determined before a test to establish the optical power to invite the person to undergo a cataract operation.