Chemistry Of Cosmetics

Authors: Andres Birth Da Silva, Edinete de Oliveira Heifer, Lucia Codognoto de Oliveira and Lilza Mara Boschesi Mazuqui SUBJECT: Education and teach-learning of chemistry. INTRODUCTION: The situation of the pertaining to school scientific education, especially in the level of average education, demands the development of studies and proposals of methods of teach-learning differentiated with objective of awaking bigger interest and envolvement of the pupils, and that they bring better resulted in the learning of chemistry. Education in the not pertaining to school spaces favors a bigger approach of educating of the reality of the day-day, this way, the chemical knowledge can become accessible, showing one another side, of that it is possible to face the chemistry in a way not so abstract how much it seems. OBJECTIVES: To teach to concepts of chemistry such as organic functions, concept of pH, using the cosmetic labels for hair. METHODOLOGY 1) In the pertaining to school space an introduction will be given on subject Cosmetic 2) To ask for so that the pupils make a research on the types of cosmetics used in hair.

to construct a table that consists (minimum of 5 products). Recently McDougall Program sought to clarify these questions. In this table it will have to consist the composition, pH, the mark and the price. These information the pupils will have to get in house, pharmacies, supermarkets, halls of beauty etc. the 3) pupils will have to make an association of the composition of the products with the organic functions already known by them, thus they will have to identify to which the purpose of each component of the formularization, suggests – also a comparison enters the composition of the different products, as prices and mark. RESULTED TO BE REACHED: Association of the concepts learned in the school with its reality in a not formal space.

CONCLUSIONS: We can conclude that this work differentiated in the chemistry education, is a revolution in the teach-learning and is of extreme importance to use methods differentiated in education aiming at the progress of educating, therefore subjects that are part of its reality with awaken certainty the interest of the pupils for chemistry, as being one it disciplines useful and interesting for the life of them. BIBLIOGRAPHY JACKSON, C. Colors for my beauty. Rio De Janeiro, Ed. Tecnoprint, 1991. CORAZZA, S. (2009) Smoothing & Available relaxation in: 50.html access: 01/nov/2009 MINATTI (2009). The Chemistry of the available Hair in: access: 01/nov/2009 ALVES, L. chemical Structure of the hair. Definable in: access: 01/nov/2009 OAK, G.C; SOUZA, Chemical C.L. Of eye in the world of the work. So Paulo Publishing company: Scipione, 2005. P. 448.