Choosing A Professional Translator

How to choose an interpreter if friends are busy (not available) and do not want to spoil it by entrusting it to students-educated with a difficult financial situation? No matter where you are looking for, in any case your translator will graduate inyaza (eg NGLU) .. More or less skilled, high or low bar of payment, contented life, or on the verge .. And in any case, the price will consist of the sum, which will cheer up immediately and the interpreter amount that greedily assigns his administration (the agent, manager, mediator). I hope that any who are not rose-colored glasses broke) How to protect yourself from overly greedy administration, which sells expensive cheap specialist? It's no secret that First component (call it X) depends on the size and "untwisted" the company. In large agencies for the maintenance of the apparatus can take up to half of the money customers. On the contrary, when referring to the interpreter directly X can tend to zero.

Chances of such a disposition of if you found an ad, submitted by him personally. This can be a terrible self-made website on free hosting (if paid on quality, not excluded the contribution of assistants) such as this announcement or on a pole in the newspaper, online contact with a specialist. "The pillars write amateurs" – you say – and probably be right. But do not forget that after the crisis of 2008-2009 forced the employers to squeeze out subject to all the juices, many of the most decisive and mature professionals began to organize themselves and refuse to help discerning patrons.