Currently, buttock augmentation is becoming one of the most common plastic surgery interventions within the field of aesthetic surgery, since increasingly have more demands for men and women of the world. The glutes and the shape of the buttocks enhancement surgery is related more than anything with the inheritance and the bodily Constitution. You also have to count the skeletal structure and the position of each person, without forgetting the muscles, fat deposits and skin changes. However, many of these factors can be modified by plastic surgery. By buttock augmentation surgery implants is performed through an incision of a few centimeters in the region between each gluteal or buttock. It is a procedure that can also be done through injections of fat, flaps dermofat or through the skin and fat resection. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. However, you always have to go with professional and certified plastic surgeons. The lifting of buttocks this procedure is surgery intended to mark the buttocks and remove excess skin and fat in the area.

You can perform alone or accompanied by the lifting of the inner part of the thigh. It is required that each person has the buttocks in a different way and, on certain occasions, having to make an assessment in conjunction with a procedure of body molding. You also have to observe the degree of protrusion of the body and the curvature of fatty component, hips and the upper part of the thighs. Prostheses for buttocks drawings or little developed can be used a pair of implants under the gluteal muscles silicone gel. These implants are more resistant to those used in breast augmentation, since the body must be comfortable to walk, run, jump or sit. The implant of silicone is not rejected or is encapsulated and normally recommended in cases of atrophy of the gluteal mass.

Surgery of buttock augmentation everything begins with an incision of a few centimeters in an inconspicuous area between buttocks. Two pockets are then manufactured to put the prosthesis and once achieved increased, proper symmetry and consistency, is the closure of wounds. The anesthesia used is a decision taken jointly with the patient, but can be general anesthesia or peridural, coupled with a mild sedation. For buttock augmentation surgery are required 24 hours of admission and during the days preceding it is convenient to use germicidal SOAP for bathing. Something very important is that it should not take aspirin or other medications containing salicylates. This can be for two weeks before and after surgery or as directed by your plastic surgeon. It will be necessary to use an elastic compressive garment during 15 days and not resort to in the buttocks intramuscular injections, because they can click the prosthesis. There to sleep upside down for a couple of weeks and avoid any type of physical exercise involving the buttock. Although the risk of infection is minimal, hygiene must be very careful until points are withdrawn. Antibiotics are always given for 10 days after surgery. About the plastic surgeon as in any cosmetic operation is very convenient to choose a plastic surgeon qualified and professional, since that depends on health and life who is subjected to one of these surgeries. The collaboration of the patient in the whole process is very important.