Cosmetic Surgery

Make sure you have someone that you take home after the operation of breast augmentation. That person should remain with you at least during the first 24 hours after surgery and preferably 48 hours. This is a very important step. Keep reasonable expectations about the outcome of your surgery. Buy a brassiere size that you will be after the surgery, so you’ll become accustomed. Drink plenty of water in the days prior to your operation.

This can help prevent nausea after surgery. Eat something when you take your medication for pain. It can be a piece of plain, white bread or a piece of toasted bread. Pain medications can affect the stomach and food aid to prevent any potential for nausea. Be sure to inform your surgeon about any medications, vitamins or natural remedies you are taking.

At least two weeks before your surgery, you stop taking aspirin or products containing ibuprofen and vitamins as well as herbs. Some surgeons recommend not taking them from 30 days before the surgery. Ask your surgeon if it’s okay to take Bromelain and arnica for bruising and swelling. You should not take them more than 10 days. Do not take alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours before the operation. Tell your surgeon if you have regular or irregular menstruation. The day of the surgery will be prevented. It uses loose clothing for surgery and shoes without laces. If you smoke, you should stop doing it for 4-6 weeks before the breast augmentation operation. If you find it difficult to quit, only reduce it as much as you can. Note that smoking reduces the levels of oxygen in the blood and this prevents rapid healing. It seeks to do some abdominal exercises to help strengthen the muscles. USA clothing that is easy to get (shirts buttons, trousers without closing, etc.) that don’t have to do much effort after surgery. Make sure you have the telephone number of your plastic surgeon and a emergency number if you have an accident. Clean your House and all the clothes for a day or two before your surgery. Ten clean sheets and pillowcases in bed. If you want you can sleep on the sofa. Just prepare it with sheets, blankets and pillows. Take your rubbish with you in the morning the day of your surgery. Buy enough groceries for a duration of 2 weeks more or less. Buy four bags of frozen fruit (not vegetable, because they smell very bad when they start to thaw). You can put resealable bags in the freezer to save what you need. Buy simple food, light bulbs, cookies, puddings, jellies, soups, applesauce, etc., where you don’t have much appetite. Keep a heating pad on hand. Do not place a heating pad on your breasts! Cooks some meals ahead of time and then freeze them. For example, soup, sauce, etc. The microwave can put them later.