Deep Moisturizing Hair

Came at last spring. Nature wakes from hibernation, everything is greenbacks, brand new is around. All is well. But amid this, you suddenly notice that your hair was somehow uncomfortable, that comb "stumbles" on tips, and they look like a whimper. So what's the reason? And the reason is simple – beriberi, which took place the winter, and, possibly, past illnesses, antibiotics, stress – all of this is detrimental to hair. Please remember that our Hair today – a reflection of what has been with us 3-5 months ago.

Yes, even hats, hot in the subway, dry air from the battery, and hair dryers …. A "best" helpers in the packing – foams and gels, but they are mostly a product of chemical industry. It does not care, hair care, and kills them! What's the solution? Yes, you can buy a very expensive brand-name tools for hair care, you can use the recipes of folk medicine, burdock can be rubbed or olive oil, you can do amazing running onion mask (although, after which work better in two weeks did not appear!), can be brewed herbs. Nothing prevents to do it. Sometimes it just laziness. Stylist company VIVASAN offered a program on a deep moisturizing hair.

Video clips can be viewed here. I tried and now recommend to you a lightweight version of the program. So, take the balm of San Rocco and Silk Mask for hair 1:2. Amount depending on length of hair. The hair just below shoulder third of balsam and 2 times greater than the mask. Nothing else is needed. As part of the San Rocco, a stunning mix of herbs and oils, and even increased its activities with the help of vitamins and silicic acid from a silk mask provides a powerful synergistic effect for in-depth comprehensive nutrition and hydration of hair. Mix it and puts on clean wet hair under a cap for 1 hour. Then lightly wash off, and because sorry. The hair becomes so smooth, shiny and long hold fragrance balm – just a song! First 3 masks for 2 weeks, then one in 1-2 weeks. You will feel when you can finish the course, but in any case, 1-2 balms and one mask Sanotint you have enough for 2 months. It's a good time to nourish hair, nails and skin from the inside capsules Migliorin wonderful. Beautiful shiny hair, strong nails, healthy skin – the way to excellent mood and success!