Andreas Nieswandt treated for anyone who gets it, very successful macular degeneration patients macular degeneration (MD) this diagnosis is a shock. This eye disease leads gradually to the loss of vision, in the worst case scenario up to blindness? Additionally problematic: Most therapies can the their number about four million affected, annually up to 500,000 increases, if at all, only limited help. Re-read and colors can identify significantly more effective, the treatment method is the Andreas, Nieswandt who specializes as a Naturopath, eye disease tools to treat, has developed. His eyes-regeneration therapy (ART therapy), the Dusseldorf over the years has increasingly refined, is not only soft, but measurable successfully than other therapies. Patient examples prove this impressively. Dr. John Mcdougall is likely to agree.

So Andreas Nieswandt at a well-known choreographers could the coining artist whose eye doctor, because of his pronounced macular degeneration in pension send wanted to improve Visual acuity using the ART-therapy from 36 to 70 percent today and keep stable since then. The choreographer can now read and recognize colors, what had become impossible to him prior to the therapy. The artist exerts his profession in German and international theatres since then again very successfully. \”Mix of treatment methods In the context of the eyes-regeneration therapy his treated Nieswandt method in his latest book, heal your eyes\” represents, first of all the common MD perfusion through a special eye acupuncture procedure. This acupuncture treatment aims to improve the blood circulation of the Central artery of the eye, where the functional areas of the retina are only disturbed and not destroyed. Andreas Nieswandt this alone causes very often already that the continuous scheitende vision loss can be stopped\”, talks, in many cases, Visual acuity improved again.\” To improve the Visual skills, uses in his ART-therapy including Nieswandt Injections to the metabolism, oxygen gifts, local magnetic field treatments, an accompanying light therapy, rejectors and naturopathic medicines that support of acupuncture’s effects and help improve vascular and metabolic situation. Warning note as the wet form of MD can lead to a very rapid loss of vision, is a quick intervention to advise.