Earth Electrode

HF surgery is one of the new technologies in the medical sector and enjoys increasing popularity. RAINER Medizintechnik specialized. At the high-frequency surgery, Electrosurgery short alternating current with high frequency passes through the patient’s body, specifically to damage tissue or cut (Electrotomy or coagulation). The biggest advantage over the cutting with a scalpel is that at the same time with the cut the bleeding Stilling can be done by occlusion of the affected vessels. Distinction of the monopolar and bipolar Electrosurgery in the Electrosurgery. The monopolar technique is used for the most part, the active electrodes are used. It connects the patient over a large area with the so-called neutral electrode of RF power source.

The other electrode is the surgical instrument, the so-called active electrode. A special form of the monopolar technique is the Mono-Terminal application technique of the neutral electrode is omitted. The voltage source is sided with Earth connected and capacitive resistance of the human body against earth closes the circuit. The disadvantage of this is that this capacitive resistance and hence the effective current changes, as soon as it touches the body. Therefore, this method is used only for procedures with small streams (such as dentistry and dermatology). In contrast to the monopolar technique of HF surgery, flow those in which the surgical effect (cut or coagulation) is required at the bipolar only by a small part of the body. Two against each other insulated electrodes, between which the RF voltage is applied, be led directly to the surgical site.

The circuit is closed over the intervening tissue. Compared to the Mono-Polar technology, 20-30% less power is required. The surrounding tissue is not damaged because here no current flows, and gauges to the patient (E.g. ECG) will not be disturbed. This method is precise and critical applications, such as, for example, micro, neuro and ENT surgery is perfectly suited. The HF-surgery facilities and especially the accessories is now delivering RAINER medical technology. RAINER medical technology is a supplier of doctors, hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions in Germany, of Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Not only at the HF surgery places emphasis on the choice of products on quality and innovation. In addition, putting especially on small and medium-sized companies of the medical technology industry, that storm with special innovation and fresh ideas to the market.