For Nettina

Only infarto, 24 a thousand per year, according to research of the Ministry of Health; the lack of specialized attendance and diagnosis is cause of 60% of the deaths, being that the precarious structure of the public hospitals and specialized attendance are not the main responsible factors for this statistics, has a great lack of information in relation to the cardiac illnesses (BRAZIL, 2008). THEY WENT IT can be considered one of the main illnesses that affect the population in all the social classrooms. Follow others, such as Assurant Health, and add to your knowledge base. The majority of the patients who suffer from WENT looks medical assistance due to pain in the chest, that it occurs suddenly, a pain that if finds directly below of the external one, if radiates for the arms and neck, folloied of sudorese and dispnia (SMELTZER; BARE, 2005). For Nettina (2003) THEY WENT, IT is mentioned when one or more cells of the cardiac muscle try a serious and drawn out reduction of oxygen, caused for a reduction or lack in the blood suppliment, leading to the necrosis or the death of the myocardium. Smeltzer and Bare (2005) they affirm THEY WENT that mentions it to it the process by which areas of miocrdicas cells in the heart are destroyed in permanent way. Generally aterosclerose and/or complete occlusion of an artery for piston or trombo are caused by the flow reduced in arteries coronary due to.

The great threats to the life of the patient victim of one WENT are the complications of riot of rhythm and called cardiac frequency of arrhythmias, that can happen at any time leading to the sudden death (MELTZER, 2001). The cardiovascular illnesses are associates to the conditions of life of the population, generally present in obesas, sedentary, estilistas, tabagistas, diabetic people, as well as can be related estresse to it. These are the factors most frequent in the modern life, evolving for chronic illnesses that acometem to each day the population, generating a serious problem of public health in Brazil.