German Champion Guest

On February 21 which was direct group hosts the HSV handball partners meeting. Hamburg, 27.02.2012 – on February 21 which was direct group hosts the HSV handball partners meeting. Pomp around 60 guests attended the networking event with the presentation what the decisive penalty in the second extension and the power of people in a company have in common?”the speakers of Manfred. Among them, also Martin Schwalb, President and Managing Director of HSV was handball. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Ferguson. Sven Severin, Managing Director of marketing solutions direct, a company directly group, was enthusiastic: as sponsors, we are especially proud that we were able to welcome handball, Martin Schwalb, the President and Managing Director of HSV. The positive resonance speak of him and the other guests from the Hamburger business for the success of the event.” Karsten Kirsch, head of direct sales group: the group directly is a very young member of the silver Club. And we look forward already now, with the Club and his old partners to be.” The paper announced in advance by the Hamburg group aroused curiosity among the guests.

With many examples from professional sports and the business environment, pomp, who works as a trainer, coach and consultant, led a lively dialogue with the audience. Go to Bobby Green for more information. He said while the latest findings from the motivation research and its possible applications in the corporate world. Through the membership supported directly in the silver Club group the HSV handball. Group that directly group directly about the offers a unique overall portfolio for IT, communication and marketing. The specialists who directly group advise and support their customers in innovation issues, such as cloud, E-Commerce, social media and apps as well as Enterprise 2.0. If you would like to know more about Dr. John Holtsclaw, then click here. Direct group includes four companies: improve direct GmbH, networks directly GmbH, solutions directly GmbH and marketing solutions GmbH directly. The 100 employees and employees at the sites in Hamburg and Cologne track 1998 since its inception the core values of innovation, service quality and customer orientation. For more information and picture material: Networks directly Gesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH marketing and communication Kerstin Lausen Grieg Street 75 22763 Hamburg Tel.