How To Diet

For just in 4-6 receptions eat a small number of very carefully chewed fruit and vegetables at night cup of yogurt, slightly diluted with water. On the third day back to the already familiar to you diet. Just fasting days on the water do not give a fat burning effect, and carry heavier. The principle of the seventh. Avoidance of alcohol. We are not talking about the dangers of drinking and, of course, about its usefulness. The thing is very high calorie and alcohol is that getting into the body, it blocks the cleavage of their own fat.

In addition, it dramatically increases the absorption of food in the intestine. We can say that alcohol – this is the third after a sweet and greasy, but no less dangerous enemy reasonable person losing weight. And your daily glass of wine is important. Principle Eight. After 19 there is not. It is obvious that if the calories consumed, but not spent, they will inevitably deposited as fat. It is – to develop a way of accumulation and the evolution of energy storage, and ignore it we did not succeed. Therefore, protein meal, eaten in time, provide you with satiety during the evening, do not upset sleep and reduces fat stores (see D.3), and for those who have no appetite in the morning – will contribute to its emergence.

We list again Eight Principles reasonable weight loss. 1. Exception of the sweet. 2. Exception of fat and zhironasyschennyh products, including all fried in oils and fry gently. 3. Distribution of food by the time of day. Up to 12 hours of the day – mostly carbohydrates foods after 12 – protein + vegetables. 4.Nedopuschenie hunger. 5.Portsii should eat slowly and be reasonable. 6.Pite must be optimal: 1.3-2 liters (not fizzy and sweet!). 7.Izbeganie alcohol. 8.Posle 19 is not. Strictly abide by them 3-5 weeks. Assess the results. And who decides what to do next. For those who have successfully lost weight, weight that is already down to target your rules, but that figure … In Well, you lost weight, but there are places on the body that do not want to leave. This is characteristic of solid fat (jodhpurs, buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, etc.) with a modified (hardening) the structure of fat. This is the aesthetic correction of the figure. These zones – almost insoluble problem for massage therapists, mezoterapevtov, hardware techniques (LPG, ultrasonic lipolysis, etc.). What should I do? How to get rid of “remnants” and for all to acquire the desired proportions? There are two ways. The first – a surgical liposuction. The second – non-surgical liposuction. Compare, think, look …