I Have What I Have

Do you ever you’ve realized what you have? If I asked you, what are you? What would be your answer? Get a high reading, find pencil, paper and writes; I have and complete the sentence. He writes everything, absolutely everything that you have. When you are done you continue reading this article. Look at your paper and review, few things were materials?, how many were personal?, how many were feelings?, how many were emotions? And all this you just write, could rank it among good things, which you feel proud @ of them, or you can sort on things that you have but you don’t want to. When you say the phrase I have what I have, is that the universe lovingly takes care of have exactly what you need, some people might say that you deserve. More as we have the power to change, to transform our lives, I say the first sentence you have exactly what you need. Because back of everything that you see, learning is enclosed largest of who you have been to obtain that which you have. Learn more at: Donald Cerrone.

And be able to choose to make the necessary changes to modify and change precisely all those things that you have but you don’t want to. This exercise is not to fall to stick, nor much less you blades of everything you have. I’ll give three steps so that you can objectively look at this list: 1. know the observer know the observer referred to without trial to the person who just write everything that has. This way you’ll be objective @ and see everything you have from another perspective. 2. Accepts what you have acceptance; When you accept what you have you feel agradecid @ in accordance with your being.

3 Search for education if you are looking for education that is behind everything that you have. Because nothing is coincidence, but causality. Then and only then can you tell I have what I have, neither more, nor less, but just everything that I need to be who I am, again to choose, to have the ability to transform my be in who I am. I, Elizabeth, I recognize you by watching the master filled with wisdom that is in thee, because that is what you are, remember that the light of the universe guide you and be with you always. Original author and source of the article