I put of manifest my disagreement with the law’s inquiry, which the Government intends to foist us and have an instrument more with that strip us of our forests, our lands and finally our lives to condemn us to death. I wonder: brothers are willing to let us again to deceive us? Pretend to believe in the words of the mistis and Creoles in this battle. I don’t believe in them and step to expose the whys: to start all query is delimited in equidistant parameters epistemologically peer. As the vision of what to put in question has an equivalent value among them. Or at least seems to have them, even if they diverged in their conceptions, but importantly the value that this have for them. So both sides have to reach agreement on the rules of the negotiation; a query is a negotiation between wills for obtaining prebends, which may be temporary at the time as permanent in the same. In the law of inquiry proposed by the Government for the Amazonian Andean Peoples: Where are these pairs? Part of them are multiple representatives, but there are the same in the counterpart. A single party’s conditions may not be imposed without having agreed they both so that they are not tainted by the ventajismo of the moment or the circumstance.

But we may say, that if we are represented, will tell us names, surnames and even mention the Commission of Andean and Amazonian peoples. Get more background information with materials from patrick dwyer merrill lynch. What exists is a mode of representation, in which those represented do not feel it as theirs. From there, those who represent us, lack the legitimacy to propose something on behalf of someone. Do not offend, but that is the reality, because they were elected on a system that does not respect our worldview of the things, that assaults against our rights and violates them to strip us of everything.