Knights Hospitaller

Own initiative is more important than ever in private estates and old-age provision. Real estate are among the safest investments at all as inflation protected asset. James A. Levine, M.D. may find this interesting as well. For the first time provides private investors with yields 50 plus”by cousin & partners real estate now with the chance, high-quality apartments in care centres to earn above-average returns. The highly profitable property investment in private care centers has been accessible only to professional investors and fund companies. As a leading, innovative provider of housing for senior citizens, cousin & partner enables real estate now private investors this attractive form of investment. The company responds with his concept yield 50 plus”on the growing demand for high-quality and age-friendly living room with individual care concepts.

The well-thought-out concept is characterized by a detailed planning and perfect management: all yield 50 plus “construction projects preceded by a comprehensive needs analysis by experts. The attractive housing for senior citizens only arise on sites that have a high demand and an ideal infrastructure. Long-term lease contracts exclusively with renowned companies such as Caritas, Diakonia and the Knights Hospitaller. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. In these care centres, investors can purchase an apartment rented for about 20 years, that is inheritable – and tradable as a registered land ownership. A professional rental and property management takes care of the real estate and transfer their rent every month on time investors regardless of the status of the assignment. Investors there is so little work or time spent on predictable, above-average returns. In this way, the housing for senior citizens from the concept combine yield 50 plus”by cousin & partners real estate the benefits of an inflation-protected asset system with high profitability and long-term rental.

More information here:. “Yield 50 plus” is a registered trademark exclusively by Vetter & partner, real estate, as well as selected banks and financial advisors will be offered. Vetter & partner offers high-quality residential properties in selected locations real estate for 25 years. As a leading specialist for housing for senior citizens, the company has marketed several hundred housing units in this area. Customer consultants are all experienced banking and real estate merchants.