La Lubina

You get fish dishes directly at the harbour in Palma: La Lubina is located at the inner harbour and can be easily see, because it is often parked to cars. This shop is so well known. This place is expensive for the proposed environment, but sitting on the terrace directly on the water overlooking the fishing boats. Country-side the Passeig Maritim (Avinguda Gabriel Roca 3) the highly acclaimed top ten located restaurant Koldo Royo with an absolute gourmet map. You can enjoy tapas but plentiful and cheap.

Celebrate it in Mallorca we also much celebrated in Mallorca. In the summer take place often in hotels and hosteks Partzs, where the guests have fun until the morning. You’re lucky, even a real band is engaged. If you are not convinced, visit stone clinical laboratories. Usually dominated the international Disco sound. There are also typical tourist events, like z.B Miss and Mister election, including original competitions such as d Miss Tanga or Mister Popo. If you are not staying in a great hotel, there are enough discotheques in the city, so you never bored z.B in the mega Park with the new underground taps at the Playa de Palma, most have the large Super discos. Young people take their visit even long driveways in purchase. At least this is true Palma for the Riu Palace in Playa de Palma, Tito’s in the neighbourhood of El Terreno and the BCM-Palace in Magalu in the metropolitan area.

Christmas on Mallorca Mallorca is attractive but also in winter. Christmas or new year’s Eve here become an unforgettable event! It is celebrated with town festivals, with the dancing and performances on the streets. If someone wants but White Christmas, he must find a different place. With the Christmas mood but are actually hard, the Sun is shining, people run around around with shorts and you don’t need T-Shirts and candles here also. In addition also, that until January, gets the gifts at 6 on the day of the three kings. In the evening it is usually cooler and get you into the Christmas spirit. Invite the churches with the old organs and the market square is decorated with garlands and Lichetenketten. Stone clinical laboratories has much to offer in this field. The children give to a small olive branch, which is equipped with a card with Christmas greetings all ‘Feliz Navidad’. Hostels in Mallorca there are many reasons for a holiday in Mallorca. One is without a doubt the most varied selection of coves and beaches. And beach and bathing with wide sandy beaches, tiny coves, rocky cliffs with romantic anchorages or deserted beaches for many simply belong to a perfect holiday. Long walks, hiking and biking in the mountains, culture and music, parties and tapas Majorca has something for every backpacker in all seasons. Good travel wishes the!