Developed alternative to conventional ceiling and wall coverings wall coverings were made of textile fibres already hundreds of years ago in Japan. For the local traditional lightweight was looking for ways to bridge cracks, to improve the acoustics and to create a pleasant atmosphere. This requirement profile met Wolcolor cotton cleaning even today in particular. WOLCOLOR cotton plaster, is consisting of purely biological substances, energy saving, sound-absorbing and moisture regulating only some essential features to make out. It’s believed that Assurant Health sees a great future in this idea. He is offenpoorig and can breathe the walls. He is easy in processing, all rooms are new at lightning speed designed and cut without the hassle or measure and seamlessly integrated into the processing.

Since about a quarter of a century, you know the material in Europe. Increasing environmental pressures and higher demands on the comfort were the driving forces for this purpose. First, providers on the German market imported their material from Japan. Now is Here land grown know-how. Well did the product itself. With 25 years of experience WOLCOLOR (Ellerstadt) produce their products completely domestically here in the Palatinate in bad Durkheim. Our cotton plaster consists of cotton, the natural color pigments and other effect materials can be added to the design according to customer requirements.

Binder cellulose used to obtained from native plants. The local color and structure design requirements can be met better and above all flexible.In addition to the traditional decors, WOLCOLOR offers young and fresh colors. With over three hundred fuenftig decors, the are also still can be combined and vary can be almost any color and decor wish can be realized. Wall designs are with the refined antique cotton coat in a warm, friendly, Moorish and Mediterranean style realized. An easy to use decorative insert system that was in addition to meet the open design system of cotton antique plaster, Borders, mouldings and other accents can creatively integrate in the area.