Munich Treatment

Treatment in Germany most patients from Russia and CIS chooses treatment abroad and in particular his treatment in Germany! Everyone knows that the level of German medicine for many years, no doubt, is leading position in Europe and the world. In a question-answer forum Bobby Green was the first to reply. Treatment abroad – is the most advanced medical technology, the latest medical equipment, highly skilled and always professional approach to diagnosis and treatment of disease. It has successfully carried out: Positron – emirsionnaya tomography, modern computed tomography, virtual diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases gastrointestinal tract, bronchus and lung diseases, diseases of urogenital system and other organs without catheters, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, and other traumatic equipment. Treatment in Germany – is, above all, the use of computer navigation, magnetic resonance imaging, high-performance and mini-invasive reconstructive surgery, the use of laser therapy, the widespread use of robotics. Successful treatment of infertility, cancer treatment, treatment for heart disease, kidney disease treatment, treatment of diseases of liver and bile ducts. Effective treatment of stroke, treatment of traumatic brain injury, treatment of tumors brain and spinal cord, retina laser surgery and treatment of myopia, treatment of hearing loss, including the implantation of the auditory sensor, the treatment of leukemia, leukemia, treatment of tumors of the mediastinum, lungs and gastro-intestinal tract.

In the health care system and medical education in Germany invested a significant budget. High quality health care for treatment in Germany is guaranteed to more than 2,240 hospitals and approximately 1380 rehabilitation centers. Treatment of patients in Germany is more than 145 000 doctors trained in medical universities and continuing education to further their chosen specialties within professions. In Munich there is a diagnostic center, technical equipment, the volume and quality of the research which has no analogues in Europe. Treatment in Germany – is the professionalism and quality, combined with the high technology used in medicine for diagnosis and treatment of disease.