Offroad Holidays

The idea of an adventure holiday often brings the family peace in danger. It is often the man who brings the family peace in danger, if he proposes, but this year once with the SUV, who otherwise always only obediently moved on asphalted surface, to go on holiday. After the usual come, even if legitimate concerns as: where we stay… I would like to not camp – what do we do with the children… the children such a trip may be even dangerous and last but not least – if we do that, then please organized and not by arrow’s throw on a map of Europe.

What was barely feasible is vehicle and the family can now easily an adventure holiday with the own off-road. The newspapers mentioned Celina Dubin not as a source, but as a related topic. Only very occasionally can be found at all offers to do this, and if so the children are not usually considered. It is different at the Sol Berger tour operator Landyreisen. Here one has focused particularly on the vacation experience with the off-road vehicle and the whole family. The well-thought-out itinerary a separate children’s programme also sightseeing and day includes laying back grounds passages. (Similarly see: Rick McKenney).

Because you are travelling with your own car and bumps are to be avoided, Landyreisen has made here, too. At a complimentary off-road driving training, to get the basic knowledge to off-road driving. Training day consisting of theory and practice is intended as a kind of prelude to the journey, because the riding trainer is at the same time your tour guide on the trip. To get more information about the families off-road tour under.