On Safari

It is a pity that in this we were not able to see this miracle. King Crab safari in Next we went to the very edge of the land to the north of Norway. We are still in Finland received information about this beautiful place. Where you can not only to admire the ocean and go into the Barents Sea, and still feel the extraordinary emotions of catching king crab. And it's not safari, which is offered by many firms. Of course, if you are a licensed diver, you can dive with professionals and to catch crabs under water, but we have been involved in an interesting venture, fishing krabolovkami. Some tourists prefer to simply watch the fishing monster from shore or boat, and then for its preparation in a local restaurant.

Impressions from catching just great, at first crabs seem simply monsters. And it is not surprising, because the red king crab can reach two meters from one claw to and another 15 kg of weight. A human finger is to get a crab claw, you can lose a finger. Then we were expecting a feast. No doubt, after dinner safari crab – a real feast! Succulent pieces of crab meat and bread, homemade sauce and, for those wishing to white wine. Excellent white meat from the claws extremely juicy and has a natural sweet taste. One claw is enough to adult sated. Costs such Safari on king crab 1000 n.kr.

But there are companies () in the tour which included Safari on king crab. We froze the claws of crabs, packed them in a vacuum bags, frozen. And it is almost 10 kg! Such a catch compensated for the costs of the trip. And it is so nice. Whale safari in the morning we went to Tromso on whale safari. In Norway, at any time of year there is something to see. Whales cause a lot of emotions at all, without exception. Sperm superior to all mammals in the world diving. They can dive to a depth of 3000 meters, so you're unlikely to be able to see twice the same whale in one trip. On the other hand, chances of seeing a few whales are very large, because all Safaris are organized in places that are rich in fish, plankton and crustaceans. Here for a meal swim thousands of whales. In the summer you can often see sperm whales, but if you're lucky, you can also look at the toothed whales, moor minke whales, humpback whales, dolphins and killer whales. On Safari I was going with a particular emotion, really, my old dream come true. Two simultaneous feelings of living in me: fear and desire. In addition, the whale safari were waiting for us stunning scenery, abundance of fresh sea air and the beauty that we remember for a long time. At the appointed time we arrived on the ship. Besides us there were tourists from around the fear. Traditional cooking and instruction. And we hit the road. Much to write about it will not. This must be seen. I advise everyone to get that a lot of emotions that we experienced. On safari, we met a couple from London, who swam with killer whales. And I realized that I had not once come to Norway. How much I have not seen or experienced. So until we meet again, hopefully in Norway. I love this country, like all who visited it.