Orange Beauty

Since remote times, there are many ways to appreciate, understand and define the beauty, but from my humble opinion, beauty is naturalness, harmony, balance, proportion; It is also kindness, honesty, sincerity, inner peace and holistic health. Precisely understanding in this way to the beauty, in this article I want to share some advantages and advances of the holistic in the field of integral beauty organic, emotional and external physical appearance. Thanks to its various tools, methods and ingredients, the holistic manages to harmonize these three aspects, which allow great advances in beauty treatments. Before continuing, I do a parenthesis to understand the holistic holism concept (from Greek holos, meaning whole, integer) is the doctrine that calls for the conception of each reality as a whole than the sum of the parts that compose it. The holistic defends that outer beauty is the result of emotional and physical well-being of the person.

Natural extracts the process is completed. It is evident that the great success which is getting this new trend in the world of cosmetics, is due to that the holistic doctrine is holistic, natural and sustainable, important aspects that make the big difference in this competitive world of beauty products. Holistic cosmetic treatments, primarily uses two techniques to achieve surprising results: the aromatherapy (aroma) and Chromatherapy (colors) as well as 100% natural products. Aromatherapy plants molecules are extracted through a process of distillation with steam. The different scents stimulate our brains that help to counteract anxiety, nervousness and apathy, so common in everyday life.

The application form can be manually (by massage), by inhalation or both at once. Chromotherapy, colors are used as a means to obtain harmony and balance. Force and energy that radiate different colors, activate various areas of our body and brain. Mainly red, lilac, blue, green and Orange give surprising results, allowing States of relaxation, vitality and balance in people. Obviously the main objective of the holistic beauty treatments is to achieve harmony, balance and overall health. Taking into account the emotions and special details of each patient, to apply the special treatment. Advantages of holistic treatments: – uses 100% natural products – you can begin treatment at any age. -Each treatment is unique and is based on each person – in addition to improvements in our physical beauty, helps improve diseases as: Rosaceae, allergies, acne, dermatitis, stress, headaches and joints. -Enables improvements in our diet, changing our habits. -The best advantage, these treatments achieving a harmonious meeting of external and internal beauty in one person. In summary in these changing times and of various trends, is good to try different treatments that allow us that great rediscovery of beauty integral and sustainable in time deserve truth then cheer up and give a look at this new alternative of holistic treatments, in fact the balance will be in favor.