Physical Education Classes

Instructor of Physical Education MA Davydova Love V. DOW number 32, “Chaika” Naberezhnye Chelny “Elements logoritmiki in games and gaming exercises in physical education classes.” The child – there is a growing and developing, and movement – one of the conditions of its continued growth and development. It’s no secret that children develop in the game. After all, the game affects the emotional state. With it you can quickly activate or Conversely, to calm the child.

The need for active movements met in all kinds of games and gaming exercises. Invaluable role of mobile games and gaming exercises, including a verbal accompaniment to the development of fine motor skills, coordination, attention, memory, perception, formation of ideas about the world, coordination, auditory and visual analyzers, therefore, mobile games and game exercises help to accelerate the development of speech. Exercise and breathing exercises to help increase lung capacity, blood oxygen saturation, they improve the cardiovascular system, increase energy supply of the body and thus increase the efficiency and endurance. In order to increase physical activity, as well as to strengthen the respiratory system in children in the classroom for physical culture make good use of elements logoritmiki with breathing exercises. Subjects playing exercises may be different, such as “Autumn Forest”, “forest animals”, “On a visit to a fairy tale,” “Winter,” “Meet the Tree”, “In the snow Kingdom “,” Our Army “,” astronauts “,” Spring “,” Train. ” One theme is designed for a month. On the first lessons children learn with verbal accompaniment, perform the exercises on the show, the last classes of words uttered material along with exercises and breathing exercises.