d) create the habit of reading at least a financial education a week book I can recommend good authors, or ask me for them in the link or link at the end of the article, focus on a network marketing business, if you don’t know sales, this is for you, creates your goals in the short and long term, to differentiate them from your dreams, because when they do not take action, they are simple dreams, to be able to discipline you in obtaining results. There are excellent programs of MLM, or marketing in network where you can get very good residual income (income for life) with perseverance and discipline you can get in one or two years of effective work some hundreds of dollars per month, depending on your effort and dedication. (e) are integral part of a forum on the internet, you can inform your website through a forum that relates to the topic of your product or business, search in Google (Forum + the theme of your business) participates and unveils your signature, to create links to your page. (f) create your signature link to your website in your email, so anyone who you write can see your link and some will click on your link going directly to your page of capture or web page; in Yahoo, you go to options and then to options mail and from there to create signature. ((g) keeps emails that you send with photos or facts, in the red sail hundreds of them showing curious notes of general interest and entertainment, as well as information, lower them to PowerPoint, and modify them by adding a last slide with your company information, these e-mails can reach thousands of people through the multiplication and shipment massive h) participates in Yahoo answers, and become an expert in the subject that you drive, when you request information you can add your link to get to know your business, also in the answers you can leave the address of your website, but do not abuse this system too because it is penalized with warnings if you use much your link.