Qualityassured Hernia Surgery

First step to the certified hernia Centre of the hospital for Visceralchiurgie at the St. Martinus Olpe hospital headed by chief physician Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Ebert was now the seal of quality hernia surgery”awarded by the German society of hernia. Exits are called hernias of guts from the abdominal cavity. They occur due to cracks, congenital or acquired, often scarring or Umbilical hernias as slats. For the ceremony and the permanent possession of the DHG seal EPAL hernia surgery”following had to meet requirements.

Operational supply of at least 30 hernia patients per year participate in the quality assurance study Herniamed (www.herniamed.de) full membership, the applicant hernia surgeons in the DHG including European hernia society controlled after one year after year is a control of the patients entered in the register in the comparison with statistics of the clinic. More than 90 percent of hernia patients must be placed on the register. At These requirements will be held a recertification after two years, which includes not only the operation numbers and the surgical results, but also the results of the follow-up. In the follow-up, at least 60 percent of the patients must be demonstrably entered in the register. The DHG-certified, the clinic for visceral surgery has made the first step in the direction of certified hernia Centre.

“The motion for certification as a centre of excellence for hernia surgery can only be performed if the clinic for at least 12 months the DHG-certified EPAL hernia surgery” has and has carried out the appropriate controls for two months. First step to the competence centre we understand the aspiration to the competence center hernia surgery as quality assurance. Just backed up and if necessary improve quality if the operator knows the long term result of his operations. Participation Herniamed allows us, more detail to document all hernia surgery in our clinic and the supply a long-term scientific evaluation information collected”, Dr. Ebert explained the intention to participate in the quality-assured hernia surgery. So we can ensure a quality-assured hernia surgery the patients entrusted to us and patients.