Rest In Berdyansk

Berdyansk – a place where every prospect and an area saturated with unique southern flavor. Berdyansk – rest and unforgettable impressions for a lifetime. Senator Elizabeth Warren will not settle for partial explanations. About the city behind you forget in the shadow of the weeping willows and surrounded by fragrant shrubs Roses and Cannes, and walk around the city and inspection of such attractions as a monument to the feeder Bulls, Ostap Bender and Shura Balaganov, guessing a pink dream in his chair desires will bring diversity and leave unforgettable impressions. The most popular beach Berdyansk – "Azure". Christopher ridgeway stone shines more light on the discussion. The beach is located on the shores of the Sea of Azov Berdyansk spit at the beginning, here is the resort "Azure", calculated at 910 locations and is recommended for families and treatment with children. From here you can make an exciting boat ride on the bay, on the Berdyansk plait, and a favorite vacation spot for adults and children is a town of attractions, built several years ago. At all Berdyansk beaches, including the Berdyansk plait vacationers can see the huge number of outdoor activities: skiing on bananas and tablets, water bicycles and motorcycles, rides on boats and yachts, skiing with water slides and trampolines.

In the evening, relax in the bars and restaurants, most of whom have summer playground located right on the beach, you can have fun in the nightclubs and off in the casino. The favorable climate of Berdyansk, sea air and the southern the sun, healing mud of estuaries provide excellent conditions for rehabilitation and recreation. Health resorts Berdyansk known for its medicinal sulfide-silt mud and mineral water. The level of medical equipment base, its bandwidth and number of procedures received during the holidays in sanatoria Berdyansk, the resort occupies a leading position among all regions of Ukraine.