Restylane Perlane

Only in the rarest of cases, the skin tightens after undergoing liposuction is not as desired, or Cellulitebereiche continue. With gentle high-tech devices such as the radio frequency device accent or considerable improvements can be achieved with the help of the Endermologietechnologie K6 in just a few sessions. The mentioned volume ambient Hyaluronfiller Macrolane is not only for pure breast enlargements but also for the fine tuning after surgical breast augmentations used. Asymmetries, irregularities, disruptive transitions, or translucent silicone cushion can compensate with Macrolane in one or two sessions without further surgical intervention. Basically are various Hyaluronfiller, which are selected individually depending on the indication for each patient often correction according to aesthetic surgery.

Asymmetries can be compensated after eyelid streamlining at low expression with a Restylane Perlane injection under the brows. While hollow cheeks and unnatural lift lines are populated after lifting with Restylane sub-Q and so the patients regain a naturally acting appearance. No more unsightly scars after each cut is a scar. Unfortunately not always will it bar-shaped and almost invisible, or can be hidden in the hair or body folds. Sometimes, scars are visible, thickened or reddened even after cosmetic procedures. Beaded scars usually in just a few sessions can be significantly flatten with cryotherapy and cortisone injections. One the fractional Photothermolysis is another method of treatment: this is shot very small holes in the skin and the skin is tightened and smoothed scars.

Amazing successes can be achieved especially in flat, exciting scars with radio frequency devices. Redness be brightened with a KTP laser. SKIN and LASER Center at the Opera Mr Dr. med. Hans-Peter Schoppelrey Peru branch breed 5 80333 Munchen phone: 089-260 22 442 fax: 089-26 87 92