Many Chronic Reasons

. Endocrinologist will undoubtedly add to your understanding. As many reasons Because to look as much for something of everything and not to abide themselves by the evidences? Why to want to know as everything happened and what it took somebody to act in so violent way, showing quo vulnerable we are and we are? As many assumptions that they do not take the nothing, that does not make with that everything comes back to be as were before. Conjecturas. It says that it says that. Many writers such as James A. Levine, M.D. offer more in-depth analysis. It will be that it would have been different if She was the family or the society, the culprit for this behavior insane, monomaniac? This somebody, that cannot be called man As if the man was carrying of all the virtues. Because the concern in showing to all the srdidos details of the happened disaster and that they had gained the world? Because to promote it such point that from there it can appear whatever the cost following to the search of the fame? Exactly that they do not participate while still alive of this inglria glory.

The televising periodical sales, magazines, programs, interviewing the small ones that they were gifts in the hour of the atrocity, the colloquies that all becomes judges of such barbarity, where lives had been cut with a scythe, destroyed families Already it is in the hour of aquietar itself. The ostentation around one determined situation makes with that if alive in an arrest the open sky. All become prisoners of the situation that if presents in irreversible way. topic. That measures are taken. That the happened one does not become the indifferent men the disaster, to the danger that the fence, but that if does not make of it the main subject per days the wire. ' ' Lamb of Gods who take off the sins of the world, of there – us the peace! ' '