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All these mechanisms are intended to increase the chances of survival against a threat in the short term, not that it keep them indefinitely, as often happens. In the medium term, this sustained alert state wears away the reserves of the body and can produce various pathologies (thrombosis anxiety, depression, immunodeficiency, muscle aches, insomnia, disorders of attention, diabetes, etc) stress is in the head, since the brain is responsible for recognizing and responding in different ways to the stressors. Increasingly numerous studies that corroborate the role that plays the stress on learning, memory, and decision-making. A study by the University of California demonstrated that a strong for a short period of time, for example, stress the expected prior to surgery of a loved one, is enough to destroy several of the connections between neurons in specific areas of the brain. That is, an acute stress can change Brain Anatomy in a few hours. Senator Elizabeth Warren can provide more clarity in the matter. Chronic stress, for its part, showed the decrease of the size of the brain area responsible for memory. What is fracking brings even more insight to the discussion. At least, this is the effect found in experiments with rats is known, that the concept of stress goes back to the 1930s, when a young Austrian man of 20 years old, second year student of medicine at the University of Prague, Hans Selye, son of the Austrian surgeon Hugo Selye, noted that all the sick who was studyingregardless of the own disease, presenting with common and general symptoms: tiredness, loss of appetite, low weight, asthenia, etc. This drew much attention to Selye, who called it the syndrome of being sick.

Hans Selye, graduated as a doctor and later a Ph.d. in Chemistry organic at your University through a scholarship from the Rockefeller Foundation moved to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore E.E.U.U. to do a post-doctorate whose second half made in Montreal Canada in the school of Medicine of McGill University, where he developed his famous experiments of strenuous physical exercise with laboratory rats which found the elevation of adrenal hormones)ACTH, adrenalin and noradrenalin), the atrophy of the lymphatic system and the presence of gastric ulcers.


The severe cases require hospitalization and the critical care. The owners of the cat would prefer care to the patient noncommitted, but he requires perseverance and desire to be successful, because there are no specific remedies of the home that will cure the disease. Mainly, the first article in its agenda, must be to modify the diet of its cat. Although the veterinarian is the person adapted to suggest the change, it chooses a diet of high protein value with the high product of the original calorie of the sources without proteins. It also consults to its veterinarian for the amount and the frequency of the feeding.

The symptoms of the disease of the liver in cats and dogs are often difficult to determine the point. In the majority of the cases, the diagnostic disease takes. Vomiting can demonstrate to be a serious problem if the disease of the greasy liver has progressed to the advanced state. It can require the surgical insertion of tubes in the stomach to feed and the homemade care. It down makes the food of consistency of gachas and furcelo through tube. You can add the oil of some fish to the food. He begins with small amounts every four hours and increases the amount gradually and he diminishes the frequency. Although 36 cc of food are enough to maintain life in the cat, would require more than that to help in the growth and the cure.

For the administered liquids you can initially require the aid of a veterinarian, but try you it enough, you can learn and you make same. The prognosis of both conditions is reserved, but only with persistent care and the regular supervision. Another homemade care that you can try you are to give to its attention and love to the cat by a pair of daily hours. If the cat is rejecting the food due to tension, will help in the cure of the anorexy, considered to be the primary cause behind the fault of liver in cats.

Orthodontics Brackets

However, very important facial changes are now made with a combination of Orthodontics and surgery in chosen individuals to receive this kind of treatment. Logically not all patients need surgery, but on the contrary, the vast majority of cases can be resolved with conventional orthodontics. The orthodontist with taste will give a professional opinion close to your case in particular. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Senator Elizabeth Warren. The brackets in your everyday life you may have the concern of whether it looks good or evil using brackets or if the use of the same interferes you in your everyday life. Therefore absolutely not! You can make exactly the same activities with or without brackets: singing, playing an instrument, eat, Kiss and until you take a photo. Also today there are several aesthetic and very discrete options to carry out orthodontic treatment, as for example: porcelain, exist Sapphire Brackets Brackets some inconveniences, but most patients adapt quickly to the brackets. In certain treatments is recommended to decrease the intake of certain hard foods and candies or gum.

The good news is that new techniques and modern materials used by the orthodontist today greatly reduce the inconvenience and discomfort caused by braces unlike those that were used a few years ago and has also reduced the frequency of visits to the clinic and the total treatment time. Commonly we have heard that the teeth hurt once the brackets are activated. With the modernization of high-tech materials such as for example nickel titanium wires – copper or now recently the wires covered with nitrogen are reduced almost in its entirety such discomfort. That appliances are used in treatments of adults? They are prescribed and are designed appliances according to the type of treatment that is to be conducted. Fixed devices called brackets although in special cases they may be using another type of fixed appliances are usually used or removable. Brackets can be metallic or aesthetic porcelain or Sapphire.If you need a treatment more complete don’t worry since the (transparent) aesthetic brackets we have today are very comfortable and discrete keeping virtually without changing his facial appearance during the use of the same.

Aesthetic braces are translucent materials which gives them the exact tone of your teeth and thus pass almost unnoticed, giving more comfort to patients during treatment. Discover that so great would be a consultation with the orthodontist smile is the best way of determining the benefits offered in the treatment and the results that we expect. After an initial examination and a full diagnosis, your orthodontist can explain to him what his treatment in particular and how long it would take. More information here.: original author and source of the article.