Cosmetic Surgery

More and more Germans can operate in other countries.What is it? Only at the most affordable rates or other countries have more advantages for German patients? Cosmetic surgery have become socially acceptable. To suck off than a few years ago, when it was still frowned upon the breasts fall Anders as the hip gold”, most people are open to your embellished body. Thematisieret more and more frequently by the media, chat nowadays celebrities in the television openly about your intervention. The trend of cosmetic surgery has arrived also in Germany. Would Germans earlier by American films, series and TV shows confronted cosmetic surgery with the theme, looks now even German TV formats, such as the Swan”or”Extremely beautiful”, which deal exclusively. The growing media interest, also the German demand for cosmetic surgery enormously. It is also to add that the techniques are getting better and better, which minimizes the risks.

The biggest obstacle of plastic surgery is the price they have to pay mostly completely on your own in the most prospective customers. Cheap deals, surgeon who completed their training in France, Canada or the United States, and private clinics that comply with European standards, Tunisia has developed since 2004, a very popular destination of beauty tourism. The prices agree by low wage and cost of living, as well as favourable tax schemes for the medical sector, which is subsidized by the Government since 2000. But with lower quality than in Germany. Alone in the capital Tunis located approx. 10 ultra modern private clinics, which are filled to 50% of European patients. Straight out of the French-speaking countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland), thousands of patients enjoy the benefits of an aesthetic surgery in Tunisia. Of course an intervention abroad risks also, which patients should be aware of. It’s like in the In the case of complications after returning home from the surgeon and the hospital centre.

Help Your Skin Become Younger

Before we talk about how you can keep your skin young and healthy for years to come, let us define the main points, helping the skin look younger. What is collagen? Collagen – the main natural protein body He is approximately 75% of all skin tissues. Collagen – a protein building connective tissue. He carries the plastic function is an essential element of collagen fibers, which form the so-called 'framework' skin and are the component that is responsible for maintaining the smoothness of the skin. With age, production of natural collagen skin is reduced (by about 1.5% a year since 25 years).

With a lack of collagen skin thin, 'sags' and wrinkle formation. As part of the usual cosmetic collagen is used for moisturizing and skin tightening. What is Squalene? Squalene – the main ingredient in the lipid coating on the the skin surface. Thanks to squalene, lipid coating ensures that the elasticity, moisture and softness of the skin. Water-lipid mantle gives the skin a water-repellent properties, regulates water evaporation, prevents the penetration of the skin micro-organisms, toxins, allergens and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Lack of squalene is the second most important element in the internal mechanism of aging. In healthy and young skin concentration of this component is 40% percent, and after 25 years of its concentration starts to decrease gradually, and requires additional intake of squalene in the composition of cosmetic products. In nature of squalene found in different sources – from vegetables to marine fish.

Giorgio Armani

Changes in the world of men's suits do not occur very often, when it comes to style. New items cut and style at the same time – a phenomenon rarely. It would seem all the fashion trends come to a standstill, just offering eclectic, which does not carry the tradition of direct and clear style, the appropriate time, and suddenly we have the opportunity to join something really new. So Meet the novelty of the season, which differs by a style, on method of manufacture and materials used by all other men's suits – Staylish-jacket. " The basis for this type of clothing is a classic jacket.

Breathed life into it through fresh ideas and with the addition of elements of the costume designers have a completely new product, generate interest among buyers and is now enjoying strong demand. In St. Petersburg (Russia) "Staylish-jacket" very much interested in the company "Master of Style", which mainly deals with individual tailoring of an elite representative men's clothing. In the establishment of production of the company contributed sufficiently known in the modern world of fashion, particularly in Germany, technologist, Peter Shafer, who participated in the development of other well-known brands such as Giorgio Armani. The emergence of "Staylish-jacket" alter our understanding of the functionality of the suit. It's presentable, respectable form, despite the fact that the suit is worn without a tie.

Thanks to a mixture of viscose with polyester in a specific ratio, sometimes with a small amount of wool, long suit keeps the original appearance, differs excellent wearability, and after each wash (subject to certain conditions) or dry cleaning, takes an initial perfect look. Since the suit is sewn to order – each model is unique. "Staylish-jacket" supplemented with hand-embroidered high class, is not characteristic of other types of classical costumes. In this case, the product has a classic look tunic. The unique technique of embroidery metallic thread makes it easy to distinguish this product from a fake, where applicable other types of embroidery. Has long, embroidered with metallic threads, and church robes, ceremonial dress for members of the imperial household. This ornament has a sacred meaning, creating a talisman for the owner of the suit. The history of classic suits are followed by general changes in society, and from time to time, presents a pleasant surprise. Right now, we are witnessing the appearance of something really new, but not collected from various styles, seasoned, and clearly, what is "Staylish-jacket." Such phenomena once were and jeans or a classic double-breasted suit, won worldwide popularity due to its unique qualities.

Photogenic People

Many of us can boast of successful photos? I think not. In addition, not all have the concept of photogenic. What is meant by it and whether it is a manifestation of true beauty? As one would expect the term "Photogenic" appeared in the cast and applied to those who are most advantageous to look at photographs in comparison with others. However, this did not depend on external data. The main thing was right to present themselves in the process shooting up into a successful attitude, and of course professional photographer. Master of his art does not need histrionics in the frame, the mask on their faces, it looks feelings, feelings of a man who can capture on film. Those photographers who strives to achieve top skill, trying to work with objects that can not be called photogenic.

Catch a unique moment of expression, emotions, inner feelings, in general, something that will never happen again not one shot – that's their problem. If your long-cherished dream of the photo shoot is about to be realized, do not forget to consider the entire image to the smallest detail. You should not overdo with glitter for hair and lips. They would look too provocative. Sit half-turned in front of the lens the photographer if you are the owner of a round face.

There is a problem with a second chin? Then it can be easily solved by slightly tilting the body forward. The brightness of his eyes will give the muted tones and matte highlighted with black lashes and outer corners of eyes. Should not be too hard to sum up her lips, especially if you use the lighter shades of lipstick, they themselves are increasing, and dark contrast. A person with a neck should be same color, so striking tonal means do not forget about all the open areas. Adjust the shape of the nose and emphasize the cheekbones may be due to a beige-brown rouge. Otherwise, you must help photographer. If he is a professional, be sure to tell the most successful angle for shooting.

Effects of Exercise

Perhaps the effect of your exercise is reduced to nothing due to excesses in eating or Eat at night. Adjust your daily diet so that the number of incoming calories is not exceeded. Discard the fat, starchy foods and sweets, preferring vegetables and fruits, but not fast. Give such good effect as a salon treatment mesotherapy, clay wraps, lymphatic drainage, manual and vacuum-roller massage. And do not stop training in the gym.

Diversify but an exercise that would were involved in the upper and lower press, as well as the obliques. Strengthening the abdominal muscles takes time. At regular employment a positive result must be achieved. I heard that from potato fat. Is this true? In fact, it is not. In potato absolutely no fat, but the real reason for the excess calories – fat, where it is cooked, or sauces, served to the finished dish. For comparison: in 100 g of baked potato 70 kcal, in the same number of potato chips – 270, and in potato chips – 540 cal. Potatoes – an incredibly useful and even medicinal product.

Eliminating it from your diet, you deprive yourself of vitamins B and C, potassium, sodium, zinc and many other essential body substances. So give up tasty and healthy dishes, of course, is not necessary, but follow the way of cooking very much needed. Those who watches over the parameters of an ideal figure, should avoid chips, paying their eyes on boiled or baked. Sex – a remedy for problems? Psychologists, and behind them, and physicians, have long argued that good sex can not only maintain composure, but also get rid of the weight of ailments.