Hair Fall

Currently presented plenty of problems of physical, although some more serious than others, we will always find any product or treatment that can help us to manage it, this is the case of the fall of hair. The fall of hair also known as Alopecia, or baldness is a very common nowadays, this problem not only men suffer it is commonly believed also women, suffer it though it should be noted that the percentage of women with this problem is well below that of men. In this article we will make allusion to some tips and treatment recommended by experts in this field. The hair is caused by three factors mainly bad: lack of grease. Excess fat. Lack of blood supply. Poor diet.

These factors can be caused by age, genetics and in most cases known to stress and emotional charges excessive. The percentage of men affected by the fall of hair after age 21 is the 88 per cent, this leads to the conclusion that whatever the factor that produces it, majority of men suffer it in old age. Women hair loss manifests after childbirth, as the abrupt hormonal change is the factor that most produces in women, although the percentage of women who suffer from hair loss is only a 16 percent. Currently there are treatments created to stop the hair loss, some of these methods are: laser treatment: this treatment is based on sending a radio frequency that stimulates blood and reactive circulation in hair growth; This procedure is the most widely used and effective in the treatment of hair loss. Diet: some diets can significantly reduce hair loss, since the inclusion of nutrients such as magnesium promotes growth and durability of the hair. Capillary medicines: market aesthetic can find too many products that promise to stop and even promote hair growth; Although these treatments are very crowded, are not highly recommended. There are also homemade that can help to reduce hair fall and natural options, some of these are: treatment with clay: this procedure consists of empty clay at the base of the hair in order to absorb the fatty excesses and make the skin to absorb only what is necessary. Treatment with egg and yogurt: this is based on making a mix with these two ingredients in order to offer the option of increasing their levels of fatty to dry hair. It should be noted that the best advice can be given to prevent the fall of hair, is to go where a specialist who can professionally advise a treatment, this in order to optimize the results. That said is deductible to say that one of the most effective ways to fight hair loss is to lead a life quiet and active, also a healthy diet.