Cosmetic Surgery

On many occasions, women are not compliant with one or several parts of your body, for example, the buttocks, sometimes are flabby, very fallen or little bulky. While the above situations can be alleviated with lifting and toning exercises, the results are seen after a long time conducting constant exercises. No doubt size will increase but won’t be exuberant, since we must not forget that the body shape depends on genetics. Faced with this situation, many women, and also men, opt for surgery of buttock augmentation, which consists of making an incision between buttocks to implant silicone, similar to those used in breast augmentation, but more resistant. These implants also can be filled with saline or hydrogel, however, the most widely used are those of silicone, since they are much more natural to the touch and have better consistency than the other materials. Some important points of plastic surgery surgery (of buttock augmentation is: 1) is performed under local or general anesthesia. (2) Its duration is of approximately between 1 and 2 hours. (3) Their results are immediate and can be seen from the first moment.

(4) The natural form is noticeable when the skin adapts to the implant. (5) The first few days the area is sensitive, inflamed and can even be accumulations of blood under the skin, but everything is gone within days. Does butt augmentation surgery hurt? Yes. The first three or four days you feel pain, but decreases with the medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Postoperative care 1) avoids smoking, ingesting painkillers or anti-inflammatory they are not prescribed by the plastic surgeon.

(2) After you have removed the points and after 10 days you can return to your daily activities. An essential point in all plastic surgery is to let your health in hands of professional plastic surgeons that can not only give you a buttock augmentation, but offer you comprehensive medical care to preserve your health and your life.

Postoperative Advice

You are thinking about increasing the size of your breasts through you implant of breast? Before taking one it signs decision, takes into account these advice so that the results of your surgery are the best ones. First. Consultation to a professional plastic surgeon as rapidly as possible, since to secure an appointment it can take several weeks and even if you decide operarte, to program your surgery can take some months. Secondly. It considers the possibility of realizarte an analysis of blood by your attending physician. Perhaps soon you can give it to your plastic surgeon, can take into account some data. Third party.

Before the surgery it hydrates your skin and exfolia it at least once. It tries to have it totally healthy, so that the recovery and the closing of the wounds are as rapidly as possible. Quarter. It shaves your armpits before the intervention, since that zone will be difficult to reach after the surgery and you will not be able to shave it during a good time. Fifth. Preprate for your surgery and the recovery time, because you will have to be to except one week outside the work. Eaten purchase that is easy to cook, bottled water, tin refreshments or juice in box.

It tries that the things that you are going to need are to your reach and you do not have estirarte to take them. Sixth. Ponte shirts of bellboys after the surgery you will not want to suffer whenever you must raise the arms for ponerte shirts without bellboys truth? Asegrate to have hygienic paper at the hand. Clean the house before your surgery, in such a way that you do not need to clean it in a time. Seventh. You can leave your nails without painting, since the doctor will need to see your nails to know if you have problems of associated circulation and oxygen to the anesthesia. You have asegurarte of which your nails stay of a healthful color and they do not become blue. Eighth. Consultation to your doctor if the baths in a hot bathtub come to you well. Ninth. We know that to many we do not like to eat when we felt bad, but ten in account that you must take the necessary nutrients for recuperarte. Tenth. It piles up a pile of pillows before to sleep. Levantarte will be easier to you. Onceavo. If you have the long hair, salo in a simple style, you want but it to often have washing asks another person who helps you. Doceavo. You can use to brassier without hoops, so that the wound does not hurt to you. In addition, you can use faecal softener if you have constipation problems after the surgery.