Central District

First of all, pay attention to the following points when choosing the Agency for tenancy: – payment for services, usually performed only on the facts of the settlement in an apartment, a room (with a specialist agency should be service contract, the act of passing- acceptance of services or receipt of payment services, power of attorney from the agency, a copy of tin bin or agency. Inquire about the availability of these documents suggest in advance, rather than at the time of the transfer agency commissions) – at actual occupancy you sign the tenancy agreement / lease of premises applications, you pass the keys to the apartment (along with your agent checks the keys and documents of the owner of housing on the site) – a respectable Agency for rental housing for the clients are usually secured by one person on the lease of residential real estate, there is also a service quality control services. Connect with other leaders such as Beneil Dariush here. Scams on the market rent can be recognized: the too small commission for services under the contract information services, the absence of the required documents at the conclusion of the contract rent. 3. Determining the budget for renting an apartment in Moscow. Before submitting an application to the Agency rental housing, you must decide on the budget you have at an apartment in Moscow.

The cheapest apartments for rent are located in residential areas of Moscow in the transport accessibility to the metro (possibly for Ring Road, for example Solntsevo, Novo-Peredelkino or similar) with a set of furniture 90 – and the lack of good repair. Near the metro, but with the same terms and conditions of furniture and repair flats for rent at 5 – 6 thousand rubles more expensive. Average minimum cost of renting a one-room apartment at the moment (autumn 2010) is 25000 rubles per month. Elsewhere rare “old wives’ options for 22,000 rubles a month, but it is more the exception than the rule. And for all the exceptions lacking. If the budget for renting an apartment less than 30000 rubles, then we have to choose priorities: pedestrian access from the subway, or repair and nice furniture.

4. Prices for renting apartments in Moscow. Fall 2010 (tentative). One room apartments for rent from 25000 rubles per month on average. One-bedroom apartments for rent from 33,000 rubles a month on average. Two-bedroom apartments for rent from 38,000 rubles a month on average. Keep in mind that in sad, Inc., and Central District of Moscow apartments for rent more expensive than in the cao and hlw. Also, the price of renting an apartment depends on the quantity of living. Thus, the Landlord often raise the cost of renting an apartment at 5000 – 8000 rubles for the fact that the employer will be living with his pet, especially if it’s a big dog. 5. Apartment lease contract with the applications. Specialists in renting residential real estate is always recommended to enter into a contract of hiring / renting an apartment with applications. The Agreement regulates the Landlord and Tenant relationships. The tenant who has entered into a contract of employment apartments confident in the future: that suddenly will not raise the rent, that he was not evicted into the street at any moment.