Without Me

It wanted to be able, for as, to understand that squeeze is this in my chest. He is as if I did not exist entirely. A will to cry, but I do not cry. Not external, because the tears do not reveal. To the times, I want everything, the entire world, and, seconds later, nothing steal me the attention.

I only want to run away for a place where it sees nobody me or if it remembers me. Then, diving in a deep sadness. Alfred Adler is a great source of information. It is as if somebody pressed me the throat. One somebody invisible thing. I try to linger itself; to read some thing, but seems that everything is alone solitude and inexprimvel pain; if keeping imprisoned inside of me. I have had joy moments, few, but when remembering the routine of day-by-day, it comes me there of new the melancholy. It is an immense emptiness.

My God, I feel myself so lost. It only seems that the joy if forgot to beat in my door, because I I was not in me. My feelings walk so confused do not know or I do not obtain more to disclose who I am now, what I really love, of what necessary feeling me complete, happy. I only wait that this pain pass some day and that it goes even so of time of my life!

The Form

The largeness is in the form that we find to transform the problem into challenge. If to be seated, crying because we are facing a situation ' ' diferente' ' , you there will have a great problem, but if to face everything as a great challenge, to be always ' ' desarmada' ' , to believe that the person who is in its front also is a son of God and to face everything as a great one trick, your growth and your overcoming will be as medals conquered for honor to the merit and you it will have given the first step in direction to the WISDOM. I leave, then with you, the freedom of choice: – You want to have PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES? PROBLEMS OR CHALLENGES? In its book ' ' Alegria' ' , Osho affirms that: Illumination is the deep agreement of that problems do not exist. I found this absurd affirmation at the moment I read that it, has some time behind, but seguidamente this subject came back my mind and the last events they had made me to understand what it, shiningly nailed. What we baptize of problems, would have a more appropriate denomination if we called CHALLENGES.

All the adversities and obstacles that we find in our way, to see if them as challenges, will leave of being problems. I am defied to make two surgeries in one year, to be interned in public hospital and to leave entire them. I could have had two great problems. But I made of account that was making one I remove in a hotel five stars and having the chance to know new people and to become me PHD in diverticulite. Then these problems had been transformed into surpassed challenges and with louvor. If you to believe that problems do not exist, will obtain to use a stock market of colostomia for nine months and alone to take off good lies of this.