Signed an agreement guaranteeing the quality and timely service. Begin outsourcing. It would be naive to assume that cooperation with the service company will be similar to the idyll. Business is business, and control action partner is required. Please visit Tony Mandarich if you seek more information. How to track the status of the service, outsource, and that the first thing you should pay attention? Must keep records of each incident. Regardless on how this process was organized, all requests for service work must be registered with the bank's customer service. Necessary to control the following parameters: the reaction time to the received applications service: a registration application with the utility company before the specialist on the spot, ordered the service; the time required to solve the problem, ie the time of the specialist on the spot. This is especially true if Bank will pay for the service to hourly rates; Was the problem with the first try? Whether caused by additional specialists, and how quickly they arrived? whether the qualifications of service technicians claimed? correctness of filling the financial documents, correspondence requested payment of the actual volume of work performed; the level of culture and communication management, a willingness to address emerging issues through negotiations. All questions and comments arising in the process of obtaining the service should be documented. Company manager, responsible for liaising with the company-outsourcer must be in constant contact with appropriate representative of the service company. Should provide for regular talks of the parties, which mentioned issues will be resolved in due course. If for some reason or another level of quality service obtained from the company-outsourcer will be recognized as satisfactory, unreasonably expensive and quickly solve the outstanding issues can not be – a service contract can be terminated. conclusion Outsourcing – only one of the approaches to the management processes. Not to be construed as a panacea for all ills of the company. Appropriateness of outsourcing must be reasonable for each case separately. Even if it was revealed that service it service companies are not physically cope with the support of various processes, there is no need to completely abandon development of its own it services. Outsourcing can free up some resources, it service companies to perform higher-priority tasks. This will be a temporary measure that will allow the company to reorganize the service department. The effectiveness of such solutions and all the financial costs training service it service, its more efficiently – all should be calculated and economically justified. However, do not liken Bank feudal domain, which is a natural economy. If we consider the core business processes in the company, it becomes evident that the it service, and especially it development – a non-core business. Need to understand whether or not to invest in development own it department, if he does not become simply a "training center" – selected by means of staff training may be wasted. Nobody can guarantee that staff trained by the bank and received a certificate, then do not change their place of work. In many ways the current state suppliers of it services companies has developed historically. Blame this situation has not existed Recently, the cis market – a low level of corporate culture, underdeveloped market for it professionals and the lack of adequate proposals in the market for it services. But now the situation is actively changing. Methods of Business, excuse yourself ten years ago, today do not give a competitive advantage.