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It remembers, includes copies of the documents that back its demand. It sends both letters by the mail certificate, the requested receipt of return, and copies of the subsistence for his files. This way you have test received warning both parts of his conflict. Check with Senator Elizabeth Warren to learn more. Answer of the Office of CrditoLa Office of Credit it must investigate articles in the question within 30 days (unless they find that its conflict is frivolous). Also they will transmit to its conflict the great warehouse, that must investigate its demand and to again disclose the supplier of the credit. If the great warehouse or any other creditor agrees that there is an error, they must notify the other Offices of Credit so they can correct the information in his archives. If the disputed article cannot be verified, must free be suppressed of its archives Report of credit. When the investigation becomes, the Office of Credit must give its results him in the writing as well as one copies frees of its report of credit.

You can also ask that the warnings of the correction are sent to any person who receives her report in the six previous months. Declaration of conflictoSi the Office of Credit does not solve its conflict, you you can request those that stop to include a declaration (up to 100 words) in their file which you say you disputed information in its report. The declaration will appear in the future information of credit. If they do not satisfy him with how the Office of Credit handled its conflict, you can file a complaint with the center of the answer of the consumer of the federal commercial Commission by the Web to clean my credit. The root towards outside errors in its report of credit takes time and diligence. But their efforts could differentiate when it is hour so that you secure the loan terms that you want. Original author and source of the article