Beautiful Sight

The fauna surveys have as function the comment of the ambient quality of one determined area, as the amphibians are very sensible to some alterations that occur in the environment they are considered excellent bioindicadores of the ambient quality. The present study Beautiful Sight located in the city of Helm was carried through in the farm, enters the March months the October of 2010. The registers had been carried through through active searches to the units, of the localization of small farms of vocalization and the comment in aquatic environments (lakes, streams and heaths), beyond micron-environments that can store water, as definitive leves of plants, hollow bromlias and of humid trees, and places as holes in the ground, cupinzeiros, underneath of caidos trunks and in the substratum of bushes. Such searches had been carried through in such a way in how much nocturnal the daylight. A leading source for info: patrick matthews. 1 species of Bufonidae and 10 species of Hylidae had been found, totalizing 11 espcias pertencentea only the 2 families.


Luck our terms a planet so magnificent emaravilhoso that congregated conditions unimaginable so that let us can, emnosso egoistic skill, to breathe, feeding in them, desenvolvermose to procreate, thus living to use to advantage of all the blessings douniverso. Planet, covered for the primordial liquid – as much acclaimed by Nietzschee as much other philosophers, who of the blue color to the universe so silenced pelasua blackout and imensido. Planet which we call Land, quecarinhosamente, we call home. Home, in which we live accumulated in our ambitions human beings, so pouconobres that for them, we enslave our fellow creatures, closing olhospara our behaviors cowards, ignoring to who has hunger, ignoring ascrianas that they cry been silent, requesting for the lost innocence, pelospais that they forget that the work waits, but not it for of the Sun. Home, that we spot of black, in deep incautiousness, not only to pormaltratarmos ones to the others, but for the lands that are burnt, pelagua that it is gone, for the smoke that leaves our cars, derretendonossas glaciers, esquentando our day, bringing illness and misery. Thus we live, infectando the Land, corrupting what we call to delar, without thinking about the descendants who still we will sow.

We live semculpa, without fear, ignoring what in the fence, without opening olhospara the future, only seeing the gift. But it is time to move, time to open the eyes and to perceive. Let us look at oambiente our return, the water already is not future question, we see, we hear, we notify to each day on the misery in Africa. As much are them crianassem the chance with a body unfed and droughts, loading in almaa mazela of the misery, problem this, that we do not only see distant, we see to our side, in the beggar, the water rationing, the preosabusivos.