Work screw-cutting lathe. For more information see this site: Tony Mandarich. Screw-cutting lathe works as follows: its main body as a whole is stationary, the tool set in motion a kind of head. Workpiece, which is obtained as a result, can be used in subsequent operations. Operation of metal-cutting lathe machine today is not optimal. Rate of processing of materials (metal, plastic) is not as effective as it I would like. But the product that results from the work defies criticism. Turning and vintoreznyystanok axis – a new tool that has gained popularity among industrial workers.

Lathe axis (RAM) combines the features of standard lathes with Quill-style line. The principle of operation of this type of tool is pretty simple: when docking with the processed material, it glides over its surface. It quality makes the job easy, fast, and most importantly – quality. Screw-cutting lathe combination. Its main feature – a function of drilling. These machines are characterized by high slip and have in their presence carriage.

Screw-cutting lathe-type CNC – can replace old machines, for example, and other CNC multishpindel characterized by simple installation and easy operation. They are 100% responsible modern development workers places, and its performance can only envy. Buying such a machine – the best choice for solving production problems. Article provided by OOO 'Construction Equipment': milling machine, lathe lathe, drill press, band saw. We will hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.

NVD Table System

The most rational viscosity before jets 2-2,5 VU, in which the terms of atomization of heavy fuel oil are approximately the same as when operating on distillate diesel fuel. Fuel systems of diesel engines operating on heavy fuel, usually provide two versions of the main engine: start and operate on heavy fuel, start on diesel fuel and switched to heavy fuel. Start malooborotnyh diesel can be produced on srednevyazkom Fuel type diesel fuel or diesel, medium-speed – only on diesel. In all cases, the ship entered the port of 1 to 1.5 hr diesel must be translated into diesel fuel for the complete cleaning of the injection system of heavy fuel oil. To The diesel engine on heavy fuel heater, filter and piping connecting the pipe to the fuel NVD, warm. Then let the fuel pump is self-contained to create the circulation of fuel through the mixer elements fuel supply system back into the mixer. In the presence of the connecting pipe between the heater and piping from the fuel return line to the mixer pump NVD Table 1 Temperature heating, C The fuel in the fuel tanks in the slop and supply tanks to the nozzles for the separation motor fuel DT Bunker oil F5 Fuel Gas turbine fuel DM 5 5 20 15 50 50 70 50 65 70 90 70 70 Not is separated 105 60 fuel system is possible through this tube. The fuel injector is purged, which creates a few high blood pressure in the pressure pipe as long as from the pre-open air outlet of the nozzle starts to leak fuel.

Power Tool Tips

Then how long an instrument, how comfortable they will use and what the results will be working with them, depends on whether selection is made. So, what do you need to look for when buying power tools? All the electric is divided into two types: professional and amateur. The differences between them are significant and technical characteristics, and in terms of price. Professional tools designed for continuous operation and regular use. In connection with this power tool in such high requirements, it goes through many trials and tests, excluding the possibility of overheating and in the course of a long continuous use. Amateur tool – does not mean that it is not quality. He simply is not designed for long lasting stress. But if they are not forthcoming, then spend money on a professional tool has sense.

Distinguish between professional and amateur instrument is not difficult. The first can not be multi-functional, has a high price, the body is made of aluminum alloys. A number of manufacturers to certainly avoid any confusion, the distinction between these two groups are also color. The next thing that you need to pay attention – this type of instrument by the method of supply. Mains or battery? As in the first and the second has its advantages and cons. What good is a network tool? Well, first of all, of course, that does not need to be recharged. This is good in the long run. But the minuses here, perhaps more. First, be aware that import tool must necessarily be designed for use in Russian networks.