River Amazon

Tiradentes university Course of Geography Hosana Almeida Da Silva Basin of the River Amazon Work presented to disciplines Dynamic Climatologia under the Orientation of Prof. Fbia Veronica for the partial attainment of 2 evaluation. Date: 09/04/2006 Group: N 02 ARACAJU 2006 Basin of the River Amazon CHARACTERISTIC: Formation of the Amazonian Basin the river Amazon is the main one of the Amazonian basin, and the idea of the same being a crack is ilusria, therefore it is not about an imperfection river, that is, a depression originated for an brusque sinking of the geologic land, form that, if creates an island that starts to drain water as for example the river Paran. Amazon is what it remained of a sea: a deep gulf, incased between two great crystalline shields, that is, two platforms of primitive, granticas rocks, one to the North (Shield of the Guianas) and another one to the South (Shield of Brazil). This old gulf confided for the ocean Pacifies and was closed of the Atlantic side for the African shield that, at this time was on Africa. Source: In the ground of the Amazonian basin if discloses below of the sedimentary deposits of fluvial origin, extensive marine sediments of enormous thickness. These sediments arrive tie to the current surface, in the places more raised in both the edges of the river (they had not been flooded by fluvial waters), this can be observdo in the portions of Amazon below of Manaus. The dynamic processes occurrences in the terrestrial crust more than have 100 million years in the period of Carboniferous, it caused a survey of the continent, and consequently the sea ' ' it moved away-se' ' , in the measure where the low areas if had raised (few meters the oceanic surface) had the sea regression leaving that area of being a gulf, being then lower than the remain of the terrestrial surface, started to receive all the waters from rains comings of the draining of great part of the continent in these conditions, the old interior sea started to constitute an immense river running in direction of Pacifico.

India Culture

Ahead of this, ' ' outros' ' partner-economic systems and ' ' outras' ' they culturasem bigger or in minor degree, if adaptaram, but they had also reacted. We can cite examples as the China, that kept its communism adaptando it the international system of the states, India, that kept strong its culture very, but if the Middle East also inserted in the neoliberalismo and, that more defended its culture of what it was combined. The fort where contrary to the capitalist system in the neoliberal version it was marked with blood in the capital of the international capitalism in 2001, in New Iorque, through the violent ones attempted against, that they desnudaram the United States modesty, where a great economic symbol fell and the headquarters, of what the United States they called the Armed Forces greater, also was reached with men that defended of brusque form its culture, but carried only knives against a nuclear power. The attempted against ones are illegitimate. The invasion to Iraq also was. The quiet slaughter of Israel, always Israel, against the Palestinians also. The truth is that the media deturpa information and not yet obtains to come close itself to the scientific neutrality.

The neoliberalismo was, as already mentioned, one remake, that it was imposed, but it found much resistance, transformed Great nations into States Minimum, that had lost the action power that they withheld before, not that this is not bad. This capitalist version diminished the hangers of job in the state machine, created a more dynamic economy, demanded the contracted employees and futures, more years of study for the same wage more than. Also it marched on the working right-handers, superstimulated all a society to buy, transforming into consumption society. Ahead of this picture it estresse, it, depression amongst others are the illnesses of the fashion, of century XXI of the capitalism that potencializa capacities, but depletes the human being.