A Situacion Dificil

If you’re wondering why they are passing through a difficult in your life situation, if you feel that there are some issues in your life that are clamoring for you to lend them attention or if you become aware that there are circumstances that prevent you from living healthy and made, perhaps aren’t very far to find the answer. In fact, in many cases, we ourselves are the only ones we can find the secret recipe to succeed and evolve. Who is going to know better than we what we like or dislike, what is good for us, what makes us feel good or what we wears out physically and emotionally? Unfortunately, today, in the dizzying career that we call life, based on the fight for being the best, the happiest, the most beautiful, the most triumphant, we lose access to our own concerns, ourselves. The concept of finding himself thus acquires a different weight, becomes primary target for anyone who wants to achieve to find your happiness, your truth, your paradise here and now. While it is true that not has cost mankind nothing away from the values and premises that make it stand out over all creation, it is also true that the way back to achieve that original royalty requires effort. Requires us to be willing to repurchase lost treasures: our consciousness and the consciousness of the values and all the instruments that we have to put them into practice and live them.

This is the secret recipe for success! The seminars I teach are the result of my own desire to share and transmit what I learned looking for myself. Moreover, I teach them because I feel committed to the universe, with Providence, with God. When so many blessings are received, the universe itself is responsible for giving you the opportunity to return them. Life is a school that lets you ennoble your soul and discover your spirit. Conflicts, problems and difficulties serve to learn. Discover the challenges and opportunities that are hidden behind them and dare to ask about the meaning of your life.