How To Choose A Blender

So, the kitchen we have a fully staffed, almost all the equipment on the ground – still have money. To buy more? Blender. This phrase I want to say that this device is by and large nobody nafig not needed. Blender – this is very crippled kind of mixer is sometimes wrongly claims to be the food processor. But since I have extra money Get better, there are no extra money – spare money and want to buy this unit – listen here. Blenders are stationary, is a tank with a knife at the bottom and sinking, which, when held in hand, dropping into your container. Stationary blenders are designed to whisk cocktails, cream, egg whites, cooking mashed potatoes, in general something liquid. Typically the kit includes only one knife, but sometimes a device with the function of splitting ice, without which essno nobody can do without. Blenders can crush greens or cooked meat, mix mashed potatoes. There are also combination options combines functionality of both types. Any worse blender food processor that works with smaller volumes, can not be figured to cut, just grind, can not knead dough.