Monte Carlo

Chosen carefully in all corners of the globe, the talented participating artists have won awards in magic competitions in the world, such as Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Beijing, Paris or Rome. 4. Festival Dakka Marrakech Marrakchia People still resist against the rhythms Western and celebrate their own pace in the 3rd edition of the Festival of Dakka Marrakchia in January 2009. The Moroccan Association of Friends of the Palm (AMAN) has taken over the musical heritage conservation Ocre City recalling its African roots. This 3rd edition will enjoy an opening to other similar Moroccan rhythms such as the Dakka of Demnat or of Taroudant. 5. International Festival of Marrakech Risa creators want to relive the festival in its 4th edition December 2009, the dynamics of laughter and humor and provide the opportunity to shine for young unknown artists. In this sense, comedians, actors and singers, directors and television producers, writers or just curious come together from all over the world to share their interest in humor, laughter and comedy over three days .

A score of comics in France, Belgium and Morocco are participating in this event, which also holds a competition for young talents. A large variety of shows, including monologues, animation, burlesque numbers, dance, concerts, games, jokes and even entertainment for children. 6. SUN Festival – National Youth Festival and Music of Marrakech (FNDJEM) This second edition of the Sun Festival in June 2009 is a valuable springboard for young talents through competitions, workshops and awards. The original festival, unique and eclectic brings together some 250 young artists and established musicians a hundred alternative scene Moroccan, and host all kinds of styles and musical influences: traditional Gnawa musicians, rap and hip hop Moroccan and French rock, electro , folk, pop, Rn'B, house, fusion, etc..