Psychological Help

In addition to risks caused by the associated diseases, obesity is a disease that produces severe psychological problems in the person who has it. As the line is lost and how much more is far from healthy and socially accepted weight, the patient with obesity begins to show some signs of discomfort. In a society where the cult of beauty and thinness are so strong, the obese may not feel out of place. Others who may share this opinion include PCRM. Stereotypes that are displayed at the social level affect the image that people have of themselves, begin to feel unsatisfied, and to not be able to solve your problem, fall into depression, isolation and some patients reach suffering thoughts suicidal. It is common to begin to isolate themselves, since the person feels shame to go out into the streets, frequenting other people, eat in front of others or simply displayed. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. Along with this social isolation comes sadness and few desire to perform activities. The worrying aspect of this situation is that it also tends to develop a large dependency toward persons with which it coexists. This is how the situation starts to worsen to become untenable for the whole family.

In more acute cases, the obese patient do not leave their home, can perform virtually any activity without help and suffers from serious health problems linked to being overweight. The obese does not have a normal relationship with food and to his depressive state intensifies, so do their bad habits. ven P Rosenthal offer more in-depth analysis. The person eats for pleasure or anxiety, to soothe the discomfort. With calm food their negative emotions and anxiety. It is not easy to reverse the situation.

The patient needs to convince themselves that their status can change and start thinking about a better life, but many times the obese has already lost faith in treatments for weight loss, due to the numerous failures that has had. The task of the psychologist is very important before and after bariatric surgery to help change these thoughts and begin to see real options that has at its disposal to change his life. It is necessary to count on the support of a multidisciplinary team of professionals to direct it and help to make the right decisions. Greetings, Dr.